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The Carrier® VRF Masters program is an important training and certification initiative, focusing on VRF installation, maintenance, service and support.

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Passing the VRF Masters course means working at the industry’s highest level, gaining credits and obtaining unique certification that identifies each expert.

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Find out about the Lunch & Learn program. It's a great way to build up your VRF chops.

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VRF Software

Carrier offers software to help support the build out of a complete VRF system – with everything from specs to troubleshooting.

We have selection software for:
Toshiba Carrier VRF
Carrier VRF
Ductless Systems

Click on this link to locate the software types you need. Please note: To access the software, you’ll have to log into a secure site. Or you can contact your local sales representative for more information.

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Products and Literature

Find literature for Ductless & VRF systems and check out the full line of VRF products from Carrier.

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