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Let's Make Your School a Healthier School.

In K-12 schools, there’s nothing more important than the health and safety of your students and staff – and there’s no company better equipped to help.

Improve the Indoor Air Quality in Your K-12 School

The quality of the air inside K-12 classrooms and other indoor spaces has never been a more critical issue. And the experts at Carrier are ready to help.

We’ll help you evaluate—and if necessary upgrade—four essential aspects of your school’s current HVAC system to make sure it delivers the high level of indoor air quality (IAQ) necessary to support key wellness initiatives.

Four ways to improve your school's indoor air quality—without replacing your current HVAC system


Bringing in more fresh outside air to replace indoor air can help reduce airborne pathogens and other contaminants.

Keeping indoor humidity within the ASHRAE 55 suggested range (40% and 60%) can minimize the effects of bacteria and allergens.

UV lights not only kill select pathogens—they keep coils clean, which reduces pressure drop and enables the installation of more sophisticated air filters.

The higher the MERV rating, the more efficient the filter. ASHRAE recommends MERV 13 for K-12 schools whenever possible.



Carrier OptiClean™

The HEPA air scrubber that’s ready to roll into every classroom.

Designed for medical facilities, the Carrier OptiClean is the fastest, most visible way to show your commitment to your students, teachers, and staff.

  • Rapid deployment—just roll it in and plug the cord into any outlet
  • High-efficiency HEPA air filtration—99.97% efficient long-life (~40,000 hour) HEPA filter removes particles as small as 0.3 microns
  • Portable, flexible, and easy to reconfigure—ideal when requirements can change quickly and unpredictably; it moves easily from room to room, and can be operated vertically or horizontally
  • Supplements your existing system—quickly reduces select airborne pathogens without replacing or modifying your installed HVAC equipment
  • Easy to specify—for example, to get 6 air changes per hour in a room with a 10’ ceiling, you’ll need 1 CFM of scrubbing for every ft2 of floor space (e.g., one 500 CFM scrubber for a 500 ft2 classroom)
  • Exceeds ASHRAE’s school reopening recommendation* that portable electric HEPA machines be introduced into each classroom and provide a minimum of two air changes per hour
  • Choose from three sizes—500, 600 and 1500 CFM

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*When properly specified.
ASHRAE® is a registered service mark of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc.

OptiClean™ in Action

Installing a Carrier OptiClean™ air scrubber is a smart way to help improve air quality and protect the health of students and staff. So just imagine what’s possible when you install 1,500 of them. Learn how the Alvord Unified School District in California is using 1,500 Carrier OptiClean™ units to purify the air in classrooms across its 23 schools, creating a healthier environment for more than 20,000 students and staff.

A Healthier Future Starts Indoors: K-12 Schools

In a recent webinar series, experts from Carrier and Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health discussed how an evidence-based approach and healthy buildings strategies can help reduce the risk of disease transmission – and turn schools into powerful tools for student health and progress moving forward. Read the summary document to learn about the impact of healthy environments and Carrier solutions and services that can help you make your school a healthier school.

Getting Started

At Carrier, we understand that many schools and districts are facing uncertainty with how to move forward in developing a healthy building strategy. Retrofits, modernizations and upgrades must be done with student health and safety as a top priority, while being smart about costs, budgets and future requirements. Our experts are here to help – whether you’re looking for specific solutions or a full assessment for your district.

Your school’s needs are unique. Our recommendations will be, too.

Think about the spaces in your school’s building. The components and condition of your HVAC system. The budget you have to work with. And your schedule— your own and your school’s.

No other school has quite the same requirements. But your local Carrier expert is ready to learn all about your school’s unique requirements—and offer recommendations precisely tailored to meet them.

In the meantime, here are some ideas:

Add More Outdoor Air

We’ll recommend the quickest, most cost-effective ways to bring more fresh outside air into your school’s HVAC system and indoor spaces—from simple tweaks and settings adjustments to adding new or retrofit equipment.

One option: Install an OEM or retrofit Economizer feature on your packaged rooftop unit(s), and enjoy the money-saving benefits of free cooling while introducing more fresh air into your learning spaces.

Light Commercial RTUs

Control Humidity

Depending on your building design and location, you may need to add OR remove humidity to meet ASHRAE’s guidelines.

Possible recommendations: If your school is in a hot, humid state, we may suggest our Humidi-MiZer® adaptive dehumidification system. If your school’s air is too dry, we’ll refer you to companies that specialize in humidifiers.

Light Commercial RTUs

Install UV Lights

We’ll suggest options for UV lights to keep your coils’ surfaces clean.

Improve Filtration

After evaluating your HVAC system, we’ll recommend filters with the highest MERV rating your equipment can handle and help you select OptiClean™ units to supplement your existing system.

OptiClean™ Dual-Mode Air Scrubber & Negative Air Machine
Simply and easily increase filtration with this portable, air-cleaning solution that can remove contaminants and discharge cleaner air back into the room. Roll it into place and plug it in to a standard electrical outlet to supplement your existing HVAC system.

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