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Air-Cooled Condensers

Versatile, durable and quiet.

Various combinations of these extremely flexible 09DP series air-cooled condensers match with a variety of air-cooled condenserless chillers to provide customized packages that cover a wide range of cooling requirements. They feature up to 2 refrigerant circuits and are available with a host of factory-installed options for easier installation and service. And with low roof-load weight distribution and weatherproof construction, these units are excellent selections for rooftop or on-the-ground installations.

Indoor Unit Type
Nominal Capacity (Tons)

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Matched Indoor Unit: Any

Indoor Unit Type: Condenserless chiller

Capacity Range (Tons): 90.0 - 182.0

Omnizone™ Remote Outdoor Air-Cooled Condenser 09AZ,c_lfill,q_auto,f_auto/v1565016771/carrier/commercial-hvac/products/split-systems/carrier-09az-remote-outdoor-air-cooled-condenser.jpg

Matched Indoor Unit: 30HX, 30MP

Indoor Unit Type: Condenserless chiller

Capacity Range (Tons): 18 - 130

Gemini® Select Air-Cooled Condenser 09DP,c_lfill,q_auto,f_auto/v1547744651/carrier/commercial-hvac/products/split-systems/carrier-09dp-air-cooled-condenser.jpg