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Contingency Planning

Just think, what would be the result if your building’s HVAC system was inactive for a prolonged period of time?

An essential aspect of due diligence for any building manager or project lead is contingency planning for unexpected events. Though unseen by workers on a project or tenants in a building, the inner operations of climate control have a considerable impact on their comfort, productivity, and, depending on current weather conditions or the nature of the building, even their safety.

Carrier Rental Systems offers contingency planning consulting along with specialized application engineering to examine the current condition of your equipment, the layout of your ventilation, and the critical points of operation that would need to be supplemented in the event of a natural disaster, grid failure, or system outage. We offer specialized application engineering so that your failover solution produces a seamless experience.

In manufacturing, we are committed to upholding your timelines by protecting and bolstering your process cooling equipment for increased seasonal demand or the blazing summer months. Maintain the quality of your inventory by turning to us for scheduled outages, supplemental cooling, and forecasting for future projects.

Delivering Complete Rental Solutions

Carrier Rental Systems can deliver complete, temporary application specific HVAC solutions - whenever and wherever needed.

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Be Ready for Any Situation

Carrier Rentals can help building owners and facility managers to develop a contingency plan to add to their existing emergency response programs.

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