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Healthcare Building Solutions

Carrier offers a suite of products and services designed to create healthy environments for patients and staff.

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Carrier Understands the Unique HVAC Challenges in Healthcare Settings

Healthcare facilities are pivotal in developing healthy, resilient and sustainable communities. Since inventing modern air conditioning in the early 1900’s, Carrier has continued to create innovative solutions for the healthcare industry, from integrated HVAC system design and optimization, to controls and service.

Not only is a comprehensively designed HVAC system critical in healthcare environments where patients and staff are susceptible to airborne pollutants, but the prioritization for reducing emissions is also crucial in healthcare settings.

Solutions for Complete Healthcare Building Optimization

As your healthcare facility evolves with the ever-changing environment, turn to Carrier for customized solutions to help face all your challenges with confidence.

Improve Indoor Air Quality
Controlling Lifecycle Costs
Decarbonization Road Maps for Healthcare Facilities

At Carrier, sustainability is driven with a focus on addressing climate change through accelerating decarbonization, especially in the U.S. where the industry is responsible for 8.5% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Carrier has set its sights on reducing our customers’ carbon footprint by over one gigaton by 2030. This initiative involves a tailored approach for commission and specifying HVAC equipment, and providing assessment services based on each customers’ sustainability, operational and budgetary goals. By engaging with customers at various stages of the product lifecycle and capital planning process, Carrier offers expertise and solutions that aim to design, enable and deliver improved sustainability.

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Decarbonization HVAC Equipment Solutions

Carrier supports healthcare facilities’ decarbonization requirements by offering HVAC solutions that produce useful heat without burning fossil fuels on-site. We are innovating solutions and services that enable our customers to achieve their sustainability goals, and we are continuously incorporating sustainable practices within our products and operations.

Carrier Decarbonization Equipment Solutions

Commercial Heat Pumps, Split Systems
Outdoor air conditioners and heat pumps that work seamlessly with indoor air handlers
Commercial Heat Pumps, Rooftop Units
Packaged roof top units that are easy to install, maintain and operate
Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems
Systems that control temperatures with a range of heating and cooling needs
Heat Recovery Chillers
Chillers that reclaim heat reducing a building’s carbon footprint
Healthcare Resiliency Through HVAC Rentals and Emergency Response

Carrier Rental Systems provides detailed site evaluations for critical areas of your facility. A pre-designed response plan allows for "peace-of-mind" so that in case of an emergency, where time is of the essence, all pre-set-up work has been completed and the equipment is mobilized as designed. Our job is to return your hospital or healthcare facility to the routine business operations that demand your attention with the knowledge that your chiller failure, urgent need for dehumidification or natural disaster recovery has been strongly addressed.

Offerings Through Carrier Rental Systems

  • Application Engineering
  • Contingency Planning
  • Emergency Response
  • Temporary Hospitals
  • Turnkey Support
  • Special Events
  • Equipment Failures
  • Capital Constraints
  • Planned Shutdowns
  • New Construction Projects
  • Supplement Existing Equipment
Carrier Next Generation New Refrigerant Options

Where permitted and commercially and technically feasible, Carrier is committed to delivering natural or very low GWP refrigerant solutions. We will continue to evaluate options to expand our offering of ultra-low GWP solutions and we have products available today to meet the demand for lower GWP solutions. The adoption of our high-efficiency and lower global warming potential refrigerant products has helped our customers avoid approximately 137 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions, which is equal to the annual energy use of more than 16 million U.S. homes.

Carrier Lower GWP Refrigerant Options

AquaEdge® 23XRV Water-Cooled Variable Speed Screw Chiller
New Refrigerant Options
AquaEdge® 19DV Water-Cooled Centrifugal Chiller
New Refrigerant Options
AquaEdge® 19MV Water-Cooled Centrifugal Chiller
New Refrigerant Options
R-513A & R-515B
AquaEdge® 19XR Water-Cooled Centrifugal Chiller
New Refrigerant Options
AquaForce® 30XV Air-Cooled Variable Speed Screw Chiller
New Refrigerant Options
AquaSnap® 30RC Air-Cooled Scroll Chiller
New Refrigerant Options
R-410A & R-32
Healthy Indoor Air Quality

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is one of the most important environmental health problems facing Americans today. By focusing on creating healthy indoor environments, today’s healthcare facilities can help improve infection control in the short term, and enhance patient experiences and outcomes, staff productivity and building efficiency moving forward.

As the inventors of modern air conditioning and a world leader in HVAC, Carrier has a legacy of creating comfortable buildings. Our experts have in-depth knowledge and experience in healthcare and a holistic suite of healthy building technologies and services.
Decarbonizing Healthcare Facilities Infrastructure

Carrier’s top-tier energy service company, NORESCO, helps clients adapt to and mitigate the impacts of climate change by decarbonizing, modernizing and electrifying aging infrastructure to be more sustainable and resilient. To date, NORESCO has guaranteed more than $5 billion in energy and operating cost savings at more than 10,000 facilities while reducing customer CO2 emissions by more than 25 million metric tons – the equivalent to planting 1.4 million acres of forest.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

NORESCO has delivered operational efficiency and significant infrastructure upgrades with no capital expenditure at healthcare facilities across the nation.

Operational Excellence

NORESCO’s turnkey asset management / Build-Own-Operate-Maintain (BOOM) solutions mitigate operational risk and assure uptime so that our customers can focus on their core mission – delivering patient care and health management.

Financial Predictability

With thorough technical and financial solutions, NORESCO aims to generate significant return on investment.

Carrier’s Abound™ Suite of Connected Solutions

Abound gathers real-time performance data from disparate systems, equipment and sensors and presents it in a smart, user-friendly interface allowing healthcare facility staff to make quick assessments and confident decisions.

  • Visualize: Provides a clear view of all the school building systems across your entire building portfolio in one intuitive interface.
  • Analyze: Unites disparate data and identifies anomalies in real time to resolve issues quickly.
  • Optimize: Provides actionable insights and recommended solutions.
Air Quality Monitoring
Net Zero Management
Occupancy Monitoring
Carrier Capabilities for Your Healthcare Facility

Carrier offers an extensive range of cutting-edge solutions designed to enhance indoor air quality, making your healthcare facility healthier, safer, and more efficient. From innovative products, controls and system design solutions, to remote services including assessments, maintenance and re-commissioning, you can trust Carrier’s 100+ years of experience creating optimal indoor air environments for healthcare environments.

Carrier HVAC Equipment keyboard_arrow_right

Carrier takes a consultative and comprehensive approach to understanding and recommending the HVAC equipment needs to improve your healthcare facility's indoor air quality (IAQ).

Abound keyboard_arrow_right

Carrier's Abound applications can show healthcare facility managers their energy consumption an air quality in a single interface. Using sensors and third-party information, Abound can help manage their IAQ.

BluEdge™ keyboard_arrow_right

BluEdge services provides IAQ assessments, wellness services, retro-commissioning and more to support a healthier building environment for healthcare facilities.

Automated Logic keyboard_arrow_right

Building automation systems, such as Automated Logic's WebCTRL®, manage building systems to optimize comfort, energy consumption, cost and equipment performance.

NORESCO keyboard_arrow_right

NORESCO helps clients adapt to and mitigate the impact of climate change by decarbonizing, modernizing and electrifying aging infrastructure to be more sustainable and resilient. By deploying innovative distributed energy, storage and renewable energy solutions, NORESCO improves the health and efficiency of existing healthcare facilities.

Carrier Rentals keyboard_arrow_right

Carrier Rental Systems provides hospitals and healthcare facilities with temporary heating, cooling, and power needs provided by 24/7 emergency response teams.

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