Applications & Case Studies

Office Buildings

Compact units and longer pipe lengths mean reaching new floor heights, eliminating equipment rooms and opening up newly usable square footage. VRF saves space and can be adapted when spaces change, making it a great fit for office buildings.

AMAC Enterprises | Parma, OH


Carrier retrofitted a 15,000 square foot office that had a 1970’s, all-electric HVAC system which cost its owners $60,000 in annual heating alone. The project was completed with minimal disruption to business and has a projected return on investment of less than five years. 


Outdoor Unit

Toshiba Carrier Heat Pump

Indoor Units

Toshiba Carrier Compact 4-Way Cassette
Toshiba Carrier High Wall
Toshiba Carrier Concealed Duct
Toshiba Carrier Slim Duct
Toshiba Carrier RAV Cassette Ductless System

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