Air-Cooled Liquid Chiller with R-134a Refrigerant

140 to 500 Nominal Tons

The Carrier® AquaForce® 30XV air-cooled variable-speed screw chiller was developed to ensure the best performance and efficiency in a solution that’s easy to install, easy to service, highly reliable and quiet. The 30XV delivers with industry leading efficiency (IPLV Ratings greater than 21.0 available in certain models) and sound.  The smaller footprint 30XV can replace just about all older equipment going back two generations.  It is designed for tomorrow, and fit for today.  The 30XV can be customized to fit most building needs, anywhere. With value-added features such as fully air-cooled variable frequency drives and next generation sub-systems including rotary screw compressors and quiet AeroAcoustic® fan system, integrated with microchannel condenser coils, the 30XV is made for versatility, robustness and efficiency. Its user-friendly control with color touchscreen display is self-optimizing, enabling the 30XV to run at optimum performance at any given set of conditions.

Air cooled chillers within the scope of the ACCL certification program are certified in accordance with the AHRI Air-Cooled Water-Chilling Packages Certification Program, which is based on AHRI Standard 550/590 (I-P) and AHRI Standard 551/591 (SI). Certified units may be found in the AHRI Directory at

AeroAcoustic® is a registered trademark of Aeroacoustic Corporation.

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