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i-Vu® Add-Ons

Carrier i-Vu® Building Automation System

The i-Vu® building automation system provides a 360° view of your building’s entire operation. It’s everything you need to maintain comfort for occupants, optimize energy usage, and resolve problems faster.

The i-Vu® system is available from Carrier Controls Experts nationwide. These factory-authorized Controls Experts maintain extensive knowledge of the i-Vu system, providing owners with peace-of-mind that their control system will be properly installed and serviced.

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Description: The hourly forecasting add-on extends the capability of the existing weather add-on (version 2.5 or higher) using data from the® weather service.

i-Vu® Hourly Weather Add-On ADD-HR-WTHR,c_lfill,q_auto,f_auto/v1548959303/carrier/commercial-hvac/products/controls/carrier-ADD-HR-WTHR-hourly-weather-add-on-for-ivu.jpg

Description: The LDAP/Active Directory® add-on for the i-Vu® building automation system is an authentication provider that allows you to log in to the building automation system using LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) or AD (Active Directory) credentials.

i-Vu® LDAP/Active Directory Add-On ADD-LDAP,c_lfill,q_auto,f_auto/v1544552361/carrier/commercial-hvac/products/controls/carrier-ADD-LDAP-ldap-active-directory-add-on-for-ivu.jpg

Description: Carrier’s Automated Demand Response (OpenADR®) addon is a software application that allows a utility supplier to automatically and securely communicate with Carrier’s i-Vu® building automation system.

i-Vu® Automated Demand Response Add-On ADD-OADR2,c_lfill,q_auto,f_auto/v1544552361/carrier/commercial-hvac/products/controls/carrier-ADD-OADR2-automated-demand-response-add-on-for-ivu.jpg

Description: The BACnet Scheduling Interface add-on allows third-party event management software to write BACnet schedules to the i-Vu building automation system.

i-Vu® BACnet® Scheduling Interface Add-On ADD-SCH-BACNET,c_lfill,q_auto,f_auto/v1544552361/carrier/commercial-hvac/products/controls/carrier-ADD-SCH-BACNET-bacnet-scheduling-interface-add-on-for-ivu.jpg

Description: The Microsoft® Exchange Scheduling add-on integrates Microsoft Outlook® room reservations with Carrier’s i-Vu® building automation system

i-Vu® Microsoft® Exchange Scheduling Add-On ADD-SCH-EXCH,c_lfill,q_auto,f_auto/v1544552361/carrier/commercial-hvac/products/controls/carrier-ADD-SCH-EXCH-microsoft-exchange-scheduling-add-on-for-ivu.jpg

Description: The Trend Export add-on allows you to specify and export trend data from the i-Vu® building automation system.

i-Vu® Trend Export Add-On ADD-TRNDEXP,c_lfill,q_auto,f_auto/v1544552361/carrier/commercial-hvac/products/controls/carrier-ADD-TRNDEXP-trend-export-add-on-for-ivu.jpg