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Carrier Air Purification Solutions

Carrier Air Purification Solutions are the fastest, most visible way to show your commitment to your students, teachers, and staff.

Improve Filtration with Carrier OptiClean™

Carrier OptiClean Features

  • Rapid deployment—just roll it in and plug the cord into any outlet
  • High-efficiency HEPA air filtration—99.97% efficient long-life HEPA filter removes particles as small as 0.3 microns
  • Portable, flexible, and easy to reconfigure—ideal when requirements can change quickly and unpredictably; it moves easily from room to room, and can be operated vertically or horizontally
  • Easy to specify—for example, to get 6 air changes per hour in a room with a 10’ ceiling, you’ll need 1 CFM of scrubbing for every ft2 of floor space (e.g., one 500 CFM scrubber for a 500 ft2 classroom)
  • Exceeds ASHRAE’s school reopening recommendation* that portable electric HEPA machines be introduced into each classroom and provide a minimum of two air changes per hour
  • Choose from three sizes—500, 600 and 1500 CFM

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*When properly specified.
ASHRAE® is a registered service mark of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc.

Create Healthier Spaces with Carrier Air Purifiers

Air Purifier Features

  • Advanced filtration—Our 3-in-1 high-efficiency filter includes a pre-filter for large airborne particles, a high-efficiency (models RMAP-ST, RMAP-XL) or HEPA (models RMAP-SST, RMAP-SXL) filter for fine particles, and a carbon filter for odors and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). In addition, the all-in-one design makes filter replacement easy.
  • Air quality monitoring—Built-in air quality monitor samples incoming air and measures levels of pollution. The easy to read LED screen changes between four colors based on your room’s air quality rating.
  • Set it and forget it—The Smart Auto mode lets the air purifier automatically adjust fan speeds based upon the room’s air quality to efficiently deliver cleaner air.
  • Smart home integration (Wi-Fi models only)—The indoor air quality LED indicator light provides an instant visual of your current air quality. The LED light will change color to indicate air quality status.
  • 360° airflow—A powerful, 18-speed fan with 360-degree airflow pulls polluted air from below and returns cleaner air back into the room in multiple directions.
  • Limited warranty All Carrier air purifier models are covered by a one-year limited warranty. See warranty certificate at for complete details and restrictions.

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