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ClimaVision Key Benefits

ClimaVision is a lightweight, but powerful climate management system built for light commercial buildings. ClimaVision is a cloud-based, wireless, and intuitive system that utilizes built-in control algorithms and the power of the cloud to optimize comfort and energy savings.

Saves Energy

ClimaVision’s industry-leading control sequences, scheduling capabilities, and zoning features automatically adjust when and where your HVAC system needs to run, helping lower operational costs.

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Cost Effective

In comparison to traditional building automation systems, ClimaVision works out-of-the-box with easy-to-install components that are designed to work together to provide maximum comfort and efficiency.

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Meets Specifications

The ClimaVision system uses the power of the Cloud to stay current with the latest guidelines for energy efficiency, performance, air quality control, and comfort (ASHRAE Guideline 36, California Title 24, and more).

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Simple Troubleshooting

ClimaVision provides many tools to help operators understand and troubleshoot their HVAC systems.

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Get Notified of Problems

The ClimaVision system provides alerts and notifications when there is a problem.

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One-Stop Support

One of the great benefits of the Carrier ClimaVision system is the fact that it is installed and supported by mechanical contractors that sell Carrier equipment and controls.

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Ideal for Mechanical Contractors

ClimaVision is ideal for mechanical contractors because it provides a robust HVAC controls solution that is simple to install and maintain.

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