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Carrier Chillers Mobile App

Carrier, the world's leader in high technology heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions, introduces Carrier® Chillers, a new mobile app developed to assist customers with the selection of packaged chiller equipment.

This app was developed to enable customers to perform on-the-spot selection of packaged chillers.

Mobile apps are available for Apple® iPhone® mobile digital devices and iPad® mobile digital devices. They are also available on mobile devices for Android™ on the Google Play™ store.


  • Select units by tonnage, size and compression type
  • Obtain cooling and heating performance data
  • Obtain physical size, weight and base electrical data
  • When you have selected the unit of your choice, you have the option to contact local sales or email the information to yourself of someone else
  • Provide Chiller sales information including videos, heat recovery, and the GSA study.
  • Available for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices

Automatic App Updates

Instead of having to install an app update every time new product information is added to the app, the new version of the app features automatic updates. This means that the user will simply receive any updates automatically when the app is opened up and connected to the internet. This will allow users to receive more frequent product information updates to the app while maintaining a seamless user experience.


For support, please contact [email protected].

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