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Healthcare Application

Proactive approach to equipment maintenance leads to energy savings and increased productivity

A large healthcare facility experienced challenges when starting up their chillers in colder weather.

After examining their operational procedures, the facility decided to add Carrier® SMART Service to remotely connect with the chillers and analyze the start-up conditions.

Carrier engineers examined several start-up cycles and concluded that inadequate condenser pressure was causing the start-up issues. Variable speed drive and compressor oil cooling require adequate refrigerant flow, therefore a higher condenser pressure was needed during start-up.

To correct this, Carrier recommended the customer raise the cooling tower water temperature when starting the chiller, a subtle and cost-effective approach.

There were no new systems alerts resulting from this condition and the customer noted that their electric bill was reduced due to the decline in repeated start-up attempts.

Carrier® SMART Service is now an integral part of the customer’s preventive maintenance arsenal, increasing productivity and providing ongoing cost savings.


  • Advanced insights & analytics
  • Persistent, reliable data transmission


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  • Increased uptime
  • Fewer surprises