Pressure Sensors

EZ Pressure Sensor

NSB-ZPS-LR-EZ-ST-* (low range)
NSB-ZPS-SR-EZ-ST-* (standard range)

The EZ Low Pressure Sensor is a true differential pressure transmitter that provides ±1 inches WC (±250 Pacals) in 10 field selectable ranges (see specifications). The EZ Standard Pressure Sensor provides ±5 inches W.C. (±1,250 Pacals) in 10 field selectable ranges (see specifications). The EZ enclosure is designed for DIN rail, Snaptrack or surface mounting. Three output ranges of 0 to 5 VDC, 0 to 10 VDC and 4 to 20 mA are also field selectable for all pressure ranges. The wiring terminal block is depluggable. Pressure units are available in of Inches of Water Column or Pascals.

Zone Pressure Touch Sensor

NSB-ZPT-SR-BB-ST-D (standard range)
NSB-ZPT-LR-BB-ST-D (low range)

The Zone Pressure Touch (ZPT) Sensor is an accurate, rugged and economical solution for measuring and reporting duct/ building static pressure, room-to-room differential pressure or air velocities/volumes. The heart of the unit is a micro-machined silicon pressure sensor with excellent accuracy, repeatability, and stability.

The touch interface allows for quick and easy menu driven setup of all parameters including auto zero, pressure ranges, output ranges, W.C. or Pascal operation, and display format of pressure, percent output or “On”. You can also use the interface to create custom ranges by adjusting the upper and lower pressure endpoints.

ZPS Pressure Sensor

NSB-ZPS-SR-BB-ST-D-IN (standard range)
NSB-ZPS-LR-BB-ST-D-IN (low range)

Field Adjustable ZPS Pressure Switch


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