Miscellaneous Temperature Sensors

The Thermobuffer Temperature Sensor (NSB-10K-2-TB-M304-*) is for temperature sensing in walk-in freezers or refrigerators. The buffers are made in different lengths and are made to be filled with food grade glycol to slow down the temperature response to more closely mimic the contents of the freezer or refrigerator. The buffers are stainless steel, and the sensors are available in two mounting styles, a NEMA 4 plastic enclosure for wall mounting or a hanging bracket.

The Outside Air Temperature Sensor (NSB-10K-2-O-BB2) is a thermistor sensor for outside air mounting. The probe is made to protect the sensor from rain, sleet, snow or bird droppings. The enclosure is NEMA 4 and UV rated.

The Low Profile Button Wall Sensor (NSB-10K-2-2-LPW) is ideal for locations where aesthetics are as important as the temperature measurement. This inconspicuous sensor mounts easily by pushing through a 1/2” hole and secured with a peel off tape strip. The only visible portion is a flush 7/8” dot on the wall.

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