Alternate Space Temperature Sensor


Space Temperature Sensor with Override and Setpoint Adjust

The Space Temperature Sensor is designed to complement any interior decor. The sensor has the following advantages over conventional thermostats:

  • Elimination of drift and calibration
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Accurate temperature sensing

The sensor's override button and temperature offset slide are provided for the control of features in the device to which the sensor is connected. The corresponding features must be present and enabled in the device to which the sensor is connected in order for the button and/or slide to have any effect.

The sensor's integral override button allows a tenant to signal a request for an override of the occupancy schedule currently controlling the HVAC equipment in that zone.

The sensor's integral temperature slide switch allows an occupant to adjust (bias) the heating and cooling setpoints upward and downward by a configured amount.

California residents please see Proposition 65.