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Shore Medical Center

Enhanced patient care, maximum equipment efficiency, LEED® certification and energy rebate at surgical pavilion

Somers Point & Northfield, NJ

Project Objective

Shore Medical Center provides a broad range of healthcare to the people of southern New Jersey, with a hospital facility in Somers Point and a regional Dialysis Center several miles away. In order to meet the needs of a diverse population in the 21st century, the hospital leadership decided to add a new Surgical Pavilion on the main campus, where physicians and staff in the facility’s numerous Centers of Excellence could employ the latest technology to provide optimal patient care in safe, comfortable surroundings. In addition, the leadership wished to maximize energy efficiency, and aimed to obtain a LEED® (Leadership in Energy Efficiency and Design) certification.

Project Solution

To meet the customer’s goals of quality patient care and high efficiency, Ballinger, a Philadelphia-based architectural/engineering firm, was commissioned to design the new surgical pavilion and central plant. Ballinger, aided by Carrier as the basis of design, recommended an “N+1” cooling system in which each component has a back-up device for safety and reliability — specifying two 23XRV chillers and one 30HXC chiller. Carrier also provided an i-Vu® Pro web-based user interface to integrate the chillers with some existing equipment and the existing BACnet® Building Automation System. The i-Vu Pro interface allows facilities staff at the main campus to monitor the activity of heat pumps at the Dialysis Center several miles away. The Evergreen chillers qualified for a $117,000 rebate from the New Jersey Clean Energy Program™, and Shore Medical Center achieved a LEED certification for the new Surgical Pavilion.

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Equipment + Controls

The 23XRV chiller is the world’s first integrated variable-speed, water cooled, screw chiller.
AquaEdge® 23XRV Chiller
The 30HX units are high-efficiency, indoor water-cooled or condenserless chillers.
AquaForce® 30HXC Chiller
i-Vu® Pro Building Automation System