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Carrier Certified Healthy Air Systems™


Building owners and managers want to ensure their building’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) supports the health and well-being of the occupants, and have a sustainable solution to promote occupant wellness. They also want to communicate and verify this to the occupants to gain their confidence in building health and safety.

With Carrier Certified Healthy Air Systems, owners and managers can implement sustainable solutions to support building health and provide occupant verification to instill confidence.

Building Site Certification Path
Why Get Certified?

Benefits of Certification

What are the benefits to a healthy building?

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The Next Level: Carrier Certified by Abound

The smart platform for healthy and efficient buildings

Abound is a cloud-native platform that gathers performance data from disparate systems, sensors and sources, and presents it in a smart, simple interface - so you can make quick assessments and confident decisions that improve occupant wellness.

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Look for the Carrier Certified Healthy Air Systems seal where you live and work.

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