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When it comes to managing capital expenditures, ensuring building performance, and meeting broader business goals, predictability is powerful.
And that’s exactly what you get with


Cooling-as-a-Service brings you a heating, cooling, and ventilation model that​ allocates risk to the party able to manage it most effectively and at lowest cost.​ This way, the most-advanced equipment – and your goals – are more attainable​ than ever. That's a powerful feeling.

Bring your HVAC goals within reach.

From building performance and sustainability, to bottom lines and business outcomes, your goals are too important to let anything stand in the way. Cooling-as-a-Service can help address equipment performance concerns to keep the focus on your core business.

  • Address deferred maintenance
  • Benefit from Performance Guarantees
  • Address sustainability targets
  • Conserve energy/modernize assets
  • Mitigate operational and financial risks
How CaaS works:
  • Develops, designs, and constructs your solution
  • Operates to Performance Guarantees
  • Focuses on preventative maintenance to minimize corrective maintenance needs and time
Carrier's Development Partners
  • Source project funding
  • Review and assess tax credits and incentives, as applicable
You receive:
Predictable monthly payments
Desired capacity, availability, and efficiency outcomes
The latest in high-efficiency systems
Peace-of-mind HVAC performance
From building performance and sustainability, to bottom lines and business outcomes, your goals are too important to let anything stand in the way.
Carrier Launches New Service-Based Model for Comfort and Energy Solutions
An integrated technical, service and financial solution.
Make major improvements. Not major upfront investments.

Eliminate the need for significant upfront capital investment, gain budget predictability, and help support your company’s benchmarks for building performance all thanks to the ability to transfer ownership and management of equipment.​

Increased operational and energy resilience
Budget predictability
Pay for performance
Transfer a majority of​ asset-ownership risk
CAPEX to OPEX, with no upfront cost
Potential for favorable accounting treatment
Experience the power of predictability – delivered by the experts at Carrier.

At Carrier, we bring you the industry-leading technology and expertise you need to achieve priority goals and peace of mind.

That means everything from project budget and timeline development, to installation and service, to performance modeling and adherence to performance metrics. It all adds up to a partnership and a solution that are remarkably predictable. And for your business, it doesn’t get more powerful than that.

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