Carrier Rentals


Carrier Rental Systems is a full service provider of Carrier dehumidifier rentals for restoration, specialty blasting and painting contractors. From sizing to setup and tear down, we create custom-made equipment rental solutions.

Our specialty solutions include: moisture removal and climate control, fume free heat, large volume heat curing and extreme low dew point drying. Our systems include: desiccant dehumidifiers (up to 9000 cfm), fridge dry systems (up to 100,000 cfm), electric heaters (up to 360kW), boiler/AHU systems (up to 100,000 cfm) and generators (30kW to 2,000 kW).

From desiccant to fridge-dry dehumidifiers, Carrier Rental Systems offers a variety of rental dehumidifiers, dehumidification applications and systems.

Available Features

  • Desiccant units
  • Refrigerant units
  • Industrial configurations
  • Skidded; trailer mounted


  • Moisture removal
  • Climate control for blasting, coating and painting
  • Emergency response
  • Industrial services
  • Dehumidification/moisture control