Have you tried to paint a room in your house? Waiting for paint to dry before you can move on to the next part of the project can be frustrating. Now let’s apply this to the industrial level where the project involves painting or coating a bridge or storage tank, and the stakes for climate control go up significantly. An industrial dehumidifier can mitigate many of the risks associated with these types of jobs and help your business save time and money.

What Is an Industrial Dehumidifier?

Industrial dehumidifiers are used for many different types of applications. In an emergency scenario after a flood, they can help remove extra moisture to prevent mold growth and limit water damage. In a food processing plant, they could be used to remove excess moisture that could potentially contaminate foods. And yes, industrial dehumidifiers are used in painting applications for expansive spaces. There are a few different types of dehumidifiers out there that remove moisture from the air. Desiccant dehumidifiers expose desiccant to the air, which soaks up the humidity. Condensate pump dehumidifiers use a refrigerated coil or another cold surface to condense the water from the air.

Industrial Dehumidifer and Painting Applications

Let’s say a business is assigned a job where it must paint a substantial amount of concrete flooring and concrete walls. A dehumidifier can be used for climate control and prepare a surface for the paint job. When there is too much moisture in the air, it can cause paint to bubble and crack, which will mean you will you have to repaint it. In a high-traffic area, this could be very tough to schedule.

In addition to that, industrial dehumidifiers are used to ensure the paint is properly bonded to the concrete. Moisture, again, can prevent this from happening. Industrial dehumidifiers allow businesses to paint in almost any kind of weather and can help businesses stay on schedule and on budget as they enable paint to dry faster and reduce the risk of something going wrong. In scenarios where a concrete tunnel or highway overpass is being painted, quickness and efficiency are crucial.

Choose Carrier Rental Systems for Your Next Painting Project

In this blog post, we discussed the many advantages of using industrial dehumidifiers for larger painting projects. While the benefits are certainly there, please keep in mind that you will need to find a rental equipment provider that can deliver a dehumidifier that meets the requirements of the project. For example, a dehumidifier with condensate pumps works great in a number of scenarios. However, in an area where there are colder temperatures, it might make more sense to use a desiccant dehumidifier.

Our team at Carrier Rental Systems can help you find the best industrial dehumidifier rental for your next project. We have various dehumidifier types and sizes, and we have substantial experience in a number of different dehumidifier applications. If you’re looking for an industrial dehumidifier for your next large-scale paint project, contact us today to learn more about our inventory of rentals.