Can you believe that it’s already summer? We just finished up the Memorial Day Holiday Weekend, which is the unofficial start of summer. This means warm temperatures are just around the corner, so it’s important to be prepared. If your organization or business is planning a summertime retreat, industry conference, or offsite corporate meeting event, one crucial aspect of the planning will involve the venue you decide to go with that meets your needs and is appropriate for the summertime weather.

What's In a Venue?

A ski lodge might be a great venue for a wintertime corporate conference. However, when it’s summer, it might not be as great if there are few things to do when you’re not in meetings or seminars. For the purposes of this blog post, we will take a second and discuss what you should look for in a summertime venue and how you can safeguard against high temperatures and other extreme summer weather to ensure the success of the event.

Identify Your Audience

Are you entertaining clients, training employees, or unveiling a new product launch? The type of event you’re hosting may impact the type of venue you decide to go with. Plus, consider the simple numbers. How many people do you plan on hosting? Event space will be a significant factor in choosing a venue.

Choose a Time of Year

Schedule a time block well in advance so you have enough time to book a venue. As summer is a peak time for many venues, you will likely need to book it well in advance. Obviously, if a venue isn’t available during that time, it won’t be the right venue. 

Calculate Your Budget

Another important factor in choosing a venue is the total cost. In order to determine whether or not you can afford a particular venue, you should have a detailed budget outlined. If a particular venue fits the parameters of your spacing, catering, and technical needs, it might be a good fit. Having a well thought out budget may also help you negotiate a better rate if you know what you want out of a venue and what you’re willing to pay. 

Look at the Venue’s Reputation

Even if the venue offers the exact technical requirements, catering options, and facilities you need, it couldn’t hurt to check out its reviews to make sure that others have had a favorable experience. If there have been noted issues on these reviews, these should be inquired about before selecting that particular venue.

Plan for the Weather

Depending on where your venue is located, it might be incredibly hot during the summer event. Air conditioned facilities are a must, but you might need additional assistance if the event is large or you’re holding parts of it outside. Carrier spot cooler rentals can provide the comfort cooling you need to ensure your guests are happy. We have worked with a number of organizations to develop quick cooling solutions that have met their events’ requirements.