Let’s face facts – no matter what the type of business you own or manage, you’ll need a reliable power source. The lights, computers, and HVAC system all require power of some kind to run. When they don’t run, your business naturally comes to a complete stop.

This is why generator rentals exist, and there are a number of scenarios where you might need one. A generator rental is basically a safety net for emergency or planned situations where your current power source is down. Here are several instances where you will need to rent a generator:

1. The Power Goes Out

This is probably the most common reason why companies rent a generator. If your current standby system is unable to accommodate a power outage, it might need a temporary rental generator. Obviously, if you do run into this problem a lot, you will probably require a permanent replacement. But, in the meantime, a temporary generator rental can act as a safeguard.

2. Extra Power Demand

There may be a specific time of year when a business or an industry requires extra power. If there are a peak few weeks of production where energy requirements go up exponentially, your current system may not be enough. Renting a generator for this peak time could meet your energy requirements so your production does not slow down.

3. Equipment Replacement or Repairs

There are many times when your electrical substation will need to be shut down for a repair or an upgrade/replacement to meet load requirements or fix an ongoing issue that is affecting power generation. During the time that the substation is down, a generator rental can facilitate the power necessary to keep operations going.

4. Special Event

Businesses host events all of the time to celebrate a specific promotion, honor clients and partners, introduce a new product, and many other occasions. Special events can be a lot of fun, but they can also put a lot of demand on current electrical systems. The problem is that more demand for a system that can’t handle it will result in outages. And the one thing that can kill a party or event very quickly is the lights going out. Businesses will often rent a generator just in case something does go wrong.

If you own a business or are in a position where you can make decisions on emergency preparedness or equipment upgrades, you should seriously consider looking at your current system. Renting a generator is a prudent decision for a number of scenarios. And we here at Carrier Rentals happen to have a pretty solid inventory of generators to choose from.

We can assess your current system and help you determine what generator would work best at the time of an emergency or if you need to schedule a planned shutdown. No matter the size or capacity you’re looking for, our team can recommend a generator for you. Contact us today to request a quote and learn more about our rental generators!