Although Labor Day is usually the unofficial end of summer, this doesn’t mean that summer weather has to say goodbye. In fact, it might be some time before some areas of the country cool off and begin to experience cooler seasonal temperatures. Buffalo, for example, may experience temperatures as high as ninety degrees this week. As you probably know Buffalo is not traditionally known as a place with ninety degree weather in September. Much of the United States will be warmer than normal in September, which means organizations may have to adjust if they are hosting special events.

September is a busy month for event organizers. It isn’t extraordinary to see sporting events, corporate meetings, charity 5Ks, and more all on the same weekend. That’s because kids go back to school and individuals and their families return from their vacations, so things typically get back to normal. This means that it’s usually a good time to hold an event.

However, the weather could make organizing an event just a little more interesting. Obviously, event organizers will want to take precautions against the rain by investing in tents or setting a rain date, but extreme temperatures may require additional planning as well.

Spot Cooler Rentals for Comfort Cooling during a Special Event

In the event that the heat is too much for guests, event organizers will need to have a solution in place to ensure all guests are comfortable and safe. In most cases, they will not have portable coolers to facilitate their needs, which is why many turn to spot cooler rentals to meet the needs of the event.

Whether it’s adding a few spot coolers to various spots around a hot auditorium for a school event or putting spot coolers in event tents on a warm Saturday afternoon, organizers can easily implement a cooling solution with a quick turnaround. Of course, they’ll need to find a cooling equipment rentals provider in order to ensure the best solution is implemented for both the organization as well as guests.

Carrier Rental Systems has a history of providing turnkey solutions to many different industries holding special events that require quick and efficient turnaround. We have worked with schools, for example, that were holding their graduations and needed extra cooling to beat the heat. We even developed a portable system for the LPGA during a multi-week major week that required comfort cooling, power generation, and more for multiple VIP tents.

Wherever we’re called, we will assess any requirements and potential obstacles, determine the right equipment to meet those requirements and challenges, and provide all setup and takedown in addition to all ongoing maintenance and technical support. We understand that when it comes to a special event, organizers expect professional, affordable, and efficient temporary heating and cooling solutions, and that is exactly what we provide here at Carrier Rental Systems.

As we move into fall, consider Carrier Rental Systems for any heating, cooling, and power generation services to accommodate any special event.