Summer is officially over. Although your kids will complain about going back to school and you might long for the weekends on the beach, there are a number of great things that come with fall too. There is pumpkin everything, Halloween, and, of course, football. And if you do enjoy the crisp fall weather, remember that winter is just around the corner, so now is the perfect time to prepare.

In the case of HVAC systems, commercial facilities should conduct any maintenance, repairs, and assessments now before the winter gets harsh, and demand becomes high. The last thing a facility would want is to deal with a boiler that is no longer running in the dead of winter. With that in mind, here are several tips that you might want to consider:

1. Have Your HVAC System Checked by a Professional Contractor

The first step to prevention is an inspection. Ideally, you’ll want the system checked twice a year: once in the springtime before summer and another in the fall right before winter. The contractor can assess your system and offer any recommendations he or she deems necessary to make sure your system is efficient and will be able to withstand a long winter. This could include conducting routine maintenance making small repairs, or even replacing a part or the entire unit.

2. Perform Regular Maintenance on the HVAC Unit

A system is much more efficient when you remember to do the little things. For example, it’s important to replace your air filters every month as a dirty or clogged filter will make the system work harder, and it will be less efficient. Calibrating your thermostats or even installing programmable thermostats is another way to make sure your building is heated at the right temperature, and your system is not being overworked.

3. Replace Equipment When Necessary

Unfortunately, even if you do all of the maintenance and repairs on HVAC equipment, it will eventually need to be replaced. Did you know that a furnace or boiler that is ten years old may only be half as efficient as a new one that is installed today? After ten years, you might want to have a discussion with your contractor to see if a replacement just makes the most sense to save on utility bills and repairs.

Whether you’re looking to repair your equipment or replace it altogether, Carrier Rental Systems can apply a temporary solution to ensure that there isn’t a gap in heating now that the colder months will be just around the corner. Carrier Rental Systems has deployed heating solutions for many different applications, including comfort heating in schools and offices. We have a wide variety of temporary boilers, electric heaters for rent, and other HVAC rentals, and we can work with you to find the best solution to meet your requirements. Contact us today to get started and request a quote.