Get Ready for EcoDesign with Carrier!

To be able to calculate the energy efficiency levels of the various equipment, an Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) has been introduced.

It is a ratio between measured laboratory energy consumption and a standard energy consumption per cabinet category.

Minimum performance thresholds are established and products that are not meeting these EEI thresholds can no longer be placed on the market.

The Energy Efficiency Index has been defined into two steps to plan further energy performance improvements:

From 01.03.2021: EEI ≤ 100%
From 01.09.2023: EEI ≤ 80%


Want to go deeper into the Energy Efficiency Index? Formula, categories, parameters; our dedicated webpages explains everything


I have a question!

Can an energy label be improved by any means (doors, lids, lighting, fans…) in the field?

No, the energy label must correspond to the status of the cabinets as delivered by the supplier out of the factory. Measures adopted in the field will not improve the cabinet's classification and energy labelling.

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