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Working late into the night and need a quick answer, or have a unique application that requires advice? Chances are, the resources on this page can provide the answer. If not, assistance from our software help desk at is also available.

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Click here for training videos designed to help users with various tasks such as installation, setting preferences & utilizing the HAP building wizards.

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EXchange is an electronic newsletter offering timely, informative and interesting news about Carrier eDesign Suite software. Delivered quarterly via e-mail, each issue provides a wealth of information including technical articles, news about new software releases and software in development, training schedules and registration, and answers to frequently asked software questions. Subscription information and a newsletter archive can be found on here.

HAP e-Helps

HAP e-Helps are articles providing timely guidance on the many technical questions that may arise when using HAP. From building modeling for LEED®1 certification and system design guidance, to hourly weather data and report interpretation, HAP e-Help provides easy to follow, helpful information to lead you to HVAC system design solutions and thorough energy analysis investigations.

e-Help Number Title Release Date
034 Modeling DHRC in Condenser Loop Heat Recovery 12/05/2014
033 Modeling Heat Exchanger in Condenser Loop Heat Recovery 12/05/2014
032 Modeling A/C Chillers with Heat Recovery Condensers 12/05/2014
031 Modeling DHRC with Cooling-Only Chillers Heat Recovery 12/05/2014
030 HAP and ASHRAE®2 62MZ Spreadsheet 04/30/2014
029 Modeling Induction Beams in HAP v4.8 06/24/2013
028 Modeling Active Chilled Beams in HAP v4.8 06/24/2013
025 Optimizing Ventilation Design in HAP 03/25/2013
024 Boiler Simulation Calculations 12/12/2012
022 Importing Simulation Weather Data 08/07/2012
021 Reducing LEED Unmet Loads in HAP v4.5 06/07/2010
020 Understanding LEED Unmet Loads in HAP v4.5 06/07/2010
019 Reducing Unmet Loads in HAP 4.4 09/09/2009
018 Exporting HAP Hourly Simulation Data to Spreadsheets 07/01/2009
017 Modeling Chilled Beam Systems in HAP 07/01/2009
016 Converting HAP v4.3 LEED EAc1 Projects for use in HAP v4.4 09/09/2008
015 Using HAP v4.4 for LEED EAc1 Analysis 09/04/2008
014 Carrier-Modified ASHRAE 90 1-2004 User's Guide Schedules for HAP 03/02/2007
013 How to Archive/Retrieve Project Data 03/02/2007
012 How to Import Data from Template Projects 01/23/2007
011 ASHRAE 62.1-2004 Ventilation Air Sizing in HAP 11/29/2006
010 Interfacing HAP Simulations with Geothermal WSHP Design Programs 10/16/2006
009 Effect of Internal Shades on Cooling Loads 08/26/2006
008 Applying Schedules and Profiles in HAP 06/15/2006
007 Zone T-Stat Check 03/03/2006
006 Ventilation in HAP 11/02/2005
005 Low Heating Costs 11/01/2005
004 Transfer Function Methodology (TFM) 10/27/2005
003 Designing/Simulating WSHP (California Loop) Systems 10/24/2005
002 How to Model WSHP/GSHP Systems 10/01/2005
001 Introducing HAP e-Help 11/01/2005

1LEED® is a registered trademark of US Green Building Council
2ASHRAE is a registered service mark of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc.