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Is Air Conditioning Bad for the Environment?

It’s important to understand the impact air conditioning has on the environment and how you can help protect our planet while still being comfortable. Air conditioners are widely relied on throughout the country and around the world. Because they use a large amount of energy, electricity production is increased, which emits more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. At excessive levels, this greenhouse gas can trap heat near the planet’s surface and contribute to global warming. Another factor is refrigerant. Some previously used refrigerants have a greater warming effect than carbon dioxide. While they are not a cause for concern inside an air conditioning unit, they are problematic if released into the atmosphere. Keeping your system functioning properly and free of leaks will reduce the chances of this happening.

is air conditioning bad for the environment

What Can I Do to Protect the Environment and Still Use an Air Conditioner?

  • Purchase the most energy-efficient air conditioner you can afford
  • Conduct regular maintenance on your air conditioners
  • Don’t set your thermostat lower than 70 degrees
  • Turn off your air conditioner when you don’t need it or aren’t home
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