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Climate Control Innovations

We know people lead busy lives—in and out of their homes—and we want the temperature in yours to be the last thing you have to worry about.

We’ve developed new HVAC technologies for this very reason. Our innovative HVAC solutions are smart enough to change the temperature before you realize you need it and can respond to outdoor weather conditions (which might otherwise take your system more energy and time to reach a comfortable temperature). We’ve even created a solution to control the environment in individual rooms or areas of your home, so you only heat or cool where you need, when you need it. This is the innovation you can expect from Carrier.

Our Infinity System Gives You Ultimate Control

Ensuring your home environment stays comfortable requires adjustments throughout the day and in each season. We've created a system to give you smart technology for intelligent control and superior function—to create the comfortable environment you want in your home.

Easy to Operate

Your HVAC system should be easy to operate—allowing you to control it when you want to but also smart enough to think for you. Our Infinity heating and cooling systems were designed to work exclusively with our Infinity® System Control. Together, these products provide precise temperature and humidity control, with the ability to also manage your home comfort via a mobile device with internet access.

Precise Temperature Control

Controlling the temperature is the most basic purpose of any HVAC system. Our Infinity® Systems with Greenspeed® Intelligence offer smart, responsive home technologies that help minimize temperature and humidity swings, and give you more precise control whenever you need it. You can program settings to do the work for you and switch to manual controls whenever your needs change.

Remote Monitoring and Service

Our Infinity® System Control can not only handle your indoor environment, it can also communicate with your local Carrier expert. With authorization, your Carrier expert can remotely monitor your system, send updates, and even let you know when there are service interruptions without having to schedule a visit to your home.

Energy-Saving Intelligence

Our Infinity System helps you save energy in two ways: automatically adjusting the capacity and speed of the indoor airflow—like cruise control on a car— and provides real-time energy use reports so you can understand consumption habits and identify ways to save even more.

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