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Warranty FAQs
  • Your warranty coverage begins when your product is installed. The length of coverage can vary by product and if you registered* your product for an extended warranty. Additional factors that can affect the length of coverage are if you are the original purchasing owner, subsequent owner, or if the product was installed in a single-family or multi-family home or commercial application
  • To find your specific warranty coverage, please check your warranty certificate card or you can use our warranty lookup tool.
The serial number can be found on the “rating plate” sticker of your product. For outdoor units such as air conditioners and heat pumps, the rating plate can be found on back of the unit above the service valve connections. On furnaces, the rating plate sticker can be found on the inside of the front door panel. To remove the front door panel, turn the knobs on the front of the door panel counterclockwise and pull towards you.
The warranty only covers functional parts such as: blower motor, compressor, coil, control board, heat exchanger, etc. Please contact your dealer or installer for detailed information.
Carrier is the manufacturer of heating, air conditioning and ventilation the equipment and provides a limited parts warranty. Labor is provided by the dealer/contractor for a period of time as determined by them.
Refrigerant does not usually need to be replaced and may be a sign that a system was installed incorrectly or has developed a leak over time. Consult your dealer for further assistance.
Normal wear and tear over the life of the product is not covered under warranty.
Blower motor, capacitor, coil, circuit board, compressor, fan, fan motor, drain pan, control board, gas valve, inducer motor, ignitor, heat exchanger, blower wheel, TXV valve, transformer, motor module, inverter, contactor
Non-functional parts such as; belts, pulleys, brackets, fuses, gaskets, paint, refrigerant, screws, nuts, bolts, etc. Contact your dealer or installer for more detailed information.
Any parts not supplied or designated for use by Carrier, or damage resulting from their use, would not be covered under warranty.
Thermostat FAQs
  • Standard non-communicating thermostats, use low voltage to control equipment in a on/off manner. They may potentially have Wi-Fi® capabilities; however, these thermostats are only capable of one-way communication between the equipment and the thermostat. Standard thermostats can only receive alerts on the wall control display that are pre-programmed by your installer. These thermostats do not display fault codes on the screen. Examples of non-communicating thermostats: Nest®, Honeywell® and ecobee.
  • Communicating controls like the Infinity® System Control have Wi-Fi capability and use two-way (back and forth) communication with the equipment. This allows the wall control to report data from the equipment. These thermostats can receive fault codes and malfunction alerts directly on the wall control display.
  • Alert codes appear when your equipment/thermostat is trying to signal to you there may be an issue. Depending on the type of alert code that appears, it may or may not be anything that requires immediate attention. This pertains to the Infinity System Control.
  • For safety reason, you must contact your dealer to get further details about specifics on alert codes. There are three types of alert codes that will help you identify the overall severity:
    • Conditions: Conditions are typically not an issue, but instead are usually meant to make you aware of the status of the thermostat or equipment, such as the thermostat alerting you there is a software upgrade available.
    • Faults: Faults are issues that need to be addressed with a dealer, though the system will typically continue to run, if left unattended it may lead to a malfunction and cause system damages.
    • Malfunctions: Malfunctions refer to some type of equipment/component shut down and/or lockout in order to prevent damage from occurring to the system. These should be addressed with a dealer as soon as possible, as malfunctions are a sign there is an urgent issue with the equipment
Filter FAQs
The exact filter location can vary as the installer places the filter where they determine it is most suitable for your home during installation. However, common places filters are found can include: within a small slit on the bottom of the unit, on an external rack usually off the side of the furnace, in the ductwork as a cutout, or in the return air vents. If you are unable to locate your filter, please contact your dealer or installer.
Locate the filter and look for the sizing printed on the side edge of the filter.
MERV ratings are rated on a scale of 1-16 with 1 being the least efficient and 16 being the most efficient. Ratings are dependent on your specific environment and your furnace. Contact your dealer or installer for more information.
General FAQs
In general, Carrier’s corporate policies does not allow the donation of equipment or parts to individuals. However, Carrier is proud to maintain relationships with several nonprofit groups. In certain instances, Carrier dealers or distributors are willing to work with individuals or non-profit organizations to develop the lowest possible pricing structure or even possibly donating some equipment. However, this is at the option of the dealer or distributor and is not arranged through Carrier Corporation. Contact your dealer for more information.
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Product/Dealer Ratings & Reviews FAQs
After registering your product online, you will receive an email asking you to rate your experience with your dealer. The email will be sent to the equipment owner's email address listed on the product registration.
Six months after registering your product online, you will receive an email asking you to rate your experience with your product. If you didn't receive email to review your product or you haven't registered an older product and would like to review it, visit the product page on this website and click "write a review." Product registration is required in order to leave a review.
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