Carrier Installs First Environmentally Conscious CO2OLheat System for Retailers in Germany

July 2, 2012

COLOGNE, Germany

Carrier Commercial Refrigeration Germany has installed the first CO2OLheatTM unit, an innovative environmentally conscious heating system for food retailers, at EDEKA Meibohm in Harsefeld, Germany. The new system is a compact, factory built, standardized add-on module to the Carrier CO2OLtec® refrigeration system, which provides both low-temperature and medium-temperature refrigeration solutions for all retail shop formats, combining the advantages of the natural refrigerant carbon dioxide and increasing energy efficiency by 10 percent compared to conventional HFC refrigeration systems. Carrier is the world's leader in high technology heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) solutions, and is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp., (NYSE:UTX).

EDEKA Meibohm, a German family-owned company, recently installed the CO2OLtec refrigeration system, which features state-of-the-art carbon dioxide (CO2) technology at its new store in Harsefeld, Northern Germany.

With frequency controlled compressors and gas cooler fans, all cabinets and cold storage rooms in the CO2OLtec refrigeration system are equipped with electronic expansion valves and electronically controlled (EC) fan motors. Freezer islands are covered with sliding lids and intelligent trim heater controls to further enhance energy efficiency. The key energy saving feature is the CO2OLheat heating system, providing 50kW for space heating and sanitary hot water heating.

"For me as a retailer, the main reason for the choice of CO2 as a refrigerant was, in addition to the environmental aspect, the ability to save around 10 percent of energy and thus costs. On top of that more than 12 percent of savings are achieved by using the heat from the refrigeration system to heat the shop and the apartment above. This type of heating system is the first of its kind in Germany. And when it comes to realization of such new concept of integrated refrigeration and space heating with pilot CO2 heating technology, you need reliable and competent partners." says Mr. Meibohm, owner of the store.

To date, Carrier has successfully installed CO2OLheat units in more than 20 stores across Europe with rapidly growing demand, proving high customer confidence.

The high efficiency CO2OLheat technology has the ability to utilize 100 percent of the heat from the refrigeration cycle, ensuring that none is wasted. In many cases, CO2OLheat can satisfy the heating demand of the entire store at a majority of ambient temperatures, allowing traditional heating systems to be virtually eliminated. For an average supermarket, the heating capacity can exceed the building´s demand almost all year round.

The CO2OLheat unit is a compact, factory built system that includes plate heat exchangers, variable speed pumps, control valves, and an electrical switch box with controls. The modular design allows customers to select a combination of different heating and domestic hot water settings that perfectly match the CO2OLtec range, delivering up to 520kW of heat.

High efficiency, robust design, reliable operation and attractive payback make the new CO2OLheat modules an optimal extension to the CO2OLtec turnkey systems.

For more information about CO2OLtec, a video is available on Carrier Commercial Refrigeration’s corporate website at

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