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Benefits of Smart Thermostats?

The benefits of a smart thermostat:

  • Track energy use
  • Reduce energy use
  • Remotely control
  • Easily program and use

Smart Thermostat Benefits

A smart thermostat is a great choice to help save money and create your ideal home environment.

How a Smart Thermostat Saves Money

Heating and cooling systems use a lot of energy—almost half of the energy used in an average home. Aside from programming and managing the temperature in your home, a smart thermostat gives you more control so you use the system only as needed. It automatically adjusts to your schedule, the weather, and occupancy, and is personalized to your own comfort preferences. These features can result in direct savings with lower monthly energy bills.

  • Precise control over your heating and cooling schedule means it only turns on when you really need it.
  • Because they learn your habits and have occupancy sensors, smart thermostats can turn off your heating and cooling system after you leave a room, reducing the energy used (and dollars spent) to heat or cool an empty space.
  • Smart thermostats provide insights on weekly and monthly energy usage, which means you can identify how much you spend on heating and cooling and adjust accordingly.

How a Smart Thermostat Creates the Ideal Environment

Maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature requires real-time adjustments based on your home’s conditions, your preferences, and what you're doing. Smart thermostats can make it easy to program and adjust the settings, and you can control the temperature with a connected device – or your voice – from anywhere in the world. You can even set up the system to automatically adjust to the outside temperature. Together, these enable you to create a comfortable home environment.

  • Occupancy sensors turn the heating and cooling system on or off based on room occupancy.
  • By monitoring the weather, smart thermostats can automatically adjust temperatures based on the environment—warming things up when a breeze blows in, or cooling things down during a summer heatwave.
  • Smart thermostats can schedule adjustments based on your comfort preferences, when leaving for work and school, when returning home, when asleep, and on the weekends.

Should I Get A Smart Thermostat?

If you're contemplating whether or not to invest in a smart thermostat, consider the numerous advantages it offers. A smart thermostat enables you to track and reduce your energy use, resulting in lower monthly bills. With precise control over your heating and cooling schedule, it ensures that your system operates efficiently and only when necessary. 

Additionally, the ability to remotely control and program the thermostat from anywhere gives you the convenience of adjusting the temperature to your liking, creating a comfortable home environment. Overall, getting a smart thermostat is a wise choice for both energy savings and personalized comfort.  

To learn more about smart thermostats offered by Carrier, contact a local Carrier expert.

HVAC Education, Thermostats, Efficiency, Home Comfort, Smart Home, Technology

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