The OptiClean™ Air Scrubber rolls easily into any room and plugs into a standard electrical outlet to quickly help improve indoor air quality in your home as well as in commercial applications such as schools, dentist offices and other commercial applications. It uses 99.97% efficient, long-life (~40,000 hour) HEPA filters to remove particles as small as 0.3 microns, then discharge cleaner air back into the room. Ideal for your home or a wide range of commercial applications, including K–12 classrooms, dentist offices and open-air, temporary medical facilities.

Pre-Installed Filters

• The OptiClean Air scrubber ships with two filters pre-installed for your convenience: a minimum MERV 7 pre-filter and a HEPA filter.
• The minimum MERV 7 pre-filter recommended replacement is 60-90 days and should be available locally1
• The long-life HEPA filter provides approximately 40,000 hours of operation, or four years, under normal operation and maintenance1

Filter Alert/Pressure Indicator

• A red light illuminates when it is time to check and/or replace one or both of the unit’s filters.
• A green on/off switch illuminates when the unit is on and operating

Applies to negative air machine applications only. Filter life in air scrubber applications would be reduced.