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How to Clean Your Fan Coil Unit

Cleaning your fan coil unit helps your HVAC system work efficiently and can help prolong its life. We recommend having it cleaned annually before heating season begins, and it’s ideal to repeat mid-season. Although some homeowners might try to clean their fan coil themselves, this service is best handled by a trained Carrier HVAC technician.

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Steps For Cleaning Your Fan Coil Unit

These are the steps that your Carrier expert may complete:

  • Turn the fan coil unit off and wait until it has cooled down.
  • Remove the panel.
  • Use a brush head on a vacuum cleaner to remove dust.
  • Use a dry cloth to clean the casing.
  • Replace the panel when finished cleaning the coils.

How to Replace Fan Coil Filters

Replacing a fan coil filter is an easy process that can be completed by most homeowners. Here’s how to replace your air filter:
1. Locate the filter: In most heating and cooling systems, the air filter is either in a basement, utility closet, or garage, attached to the blower section of your or fan coil. It may also be inside the furnace or fan coil cabinet or outside the cabinet in the return air vent with its own access panel or door. 
2. Turn off the system: Use the thermostat settings or the power cutoff switch usually found on the side of the fan coil (resembling a light switch) to turn off the system. 
3. Remove and inspect the filter: Ensure the system is turned off, and take note of the direction airflow arrows (if any) before removing the filter. Inspect the filter, and if there is noticeable dirt buildup or you cannot see light through it, it's time for a replacement. You can buy a replacement by contacting your local Carrier expert. If there is only light buildup or light can be seen through the filter, use your judgment. Replace inexpensive 1-inch filters every 2-3 months, while 4-inch media filters can last up to 1 year but should be inspected every 2-3 months. 
4. Replace the filter and cabinet door: Carefully slide the new filter into place, ensuring the airflow arrows are oriented correctly as noted in step 3. Close or replace the fan coil cabinet door or filter cabinet door. 
5. Restore power: Turn on the system at the thermostat or using the power cutoff switch located on the side of the fan coil.
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