We’ve all been there. Sweating through a sleepless night...or slogging through the heat of a sweltering July afternoon. It’s no fun when your air conditioner is not cooling, but it can happen. And when it does, it’s not going to be in the dead of winter. It’ll be the hottest day of the summer, and no matter how many times you turn down the thermostat you still find the AC not blowing air that is cold enough.

Air conditioning systems are more than just the condenser unit (the AC unit or heat pump) sitting outside your home. Typical split-system air conditioners have a lot of moving parts, including an indoor air handler unit (furnace or fan coil), an evaporator coil, air filter, thermostat and copper tubing (refrigerant lines) that connect the indoor and outdoor units. So there are a number of answers to the question “Why is my air conditioner not cooling the house?” But fear not. Just because your system isn’t cooling, doesn’t automatically mean expensive AC repairs or replacing the entire system.

Most homeowners can do some basic troubleshooting and may be able to resolve the issue. However, there are also times that you’ll need to make the call to your local Carrier® dealer for professional air conditioner service.