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Take Command of Your Home Comfort with the Infinity® System Control

Today’s lifestyle is all about convenience. For many, it means turning to that smart little device you can’t live without... a cell phone... a tablet... or smart assistant. And when it comes to your comfort, it means turning to the experts at Carrier® and the Infinity® System Control


The Infinity System Control incorporates technologies to give you total control of your home comfort. From the wall-mounted Infinity System Control touchscreen, a Wi-Fi®-connected computer, mobile device, or your Amazon™ Alexa™-enabled virtual assistant, you can type, tap or talk your way into total home comfort control. 

Infinitely Easy Control

The Infinity System Control puts you in charge of more than just temperature. Humidification, dehumidification, airflow, ventilation, indoor air quality and up to eight separate comfort zones* are all at your command with this intelligent user interface. The many benefits of this smart device include:

  • Intuitive, touchscreen prompts on the wall control with guided setup and programming
  • Real-time energy tracking
  • Occupancy-sensing technology that can automatically set temperatures back when you are away
  • Smart Setback technology the ensures efficient transitions between programmed temperature settings
  • Wireless, mobile and smart-assistant operation via Wi-Fi® and an internet connection

*Additional properly matched equipment with professional installation may be required.

Going Mobile? Stay in Control

Going mobile showcases the many ways you can use technology to access and adjust your Infinity System Control. Whether you are on the couch or on the beach - anywhere in the connected world - you are in full control of your home comfort system


  • Setup, access and control your comfort system with a connected laptop or desktop computer from the web site 
  • Receive system notifications via email – anything from a temperature setting change to a maintenance reminder
  • The option to automatically send maintenance or service information to a local Carrier dealer of your choice, via email

Mobile control: 

  • Download the MyInfinity app to your smartphone or tablet from the App Store for Apple devices or Google Play Store for Android devices
  • The app looks and acts just like the actual wall control, so there is virtually no learning curve
  • Enjoy the convenience of not having to get up from the couch or out of bed to turn up the heat or turn down the AC

Smart assistants:

  • The Infinity System Control is compatible with Amazon Alexa-enabled smart assistants
  • Go to your Alexa app and download the Carrier Infinity® control skill
  • Link your accounts and start talking... “Alexa, set Infinity to 70 degrees”

Turn to the Experts

Of course, to enjoy the convenience of total home comfort control, you need the right equipment from Carrier®. And the best way to make sure your current system is compatible is to contact your local Carrier HVAC contractor for a professional assessment of your current system and recommendations for how you can take your comfort control on the road, wherever you go, with the Infinity® System Control.

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