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Need Help With Air Filters?

If you are wondering where to find your filter, or what size filter your system is currently using – this tip is for you!

The exact filter location can vary as the installer places the filter where they determine it is most suitable for your home during installation. However, common places filters are found can include: within a small slit on the bottom of the unit, on an external rack usually off the side of the furnace, in the ductwork as a cutout, or in the return air vents. If you are unable to locate your filter, please contact your dealer or installer.

To determine the size of your current filter, look for the sizing information printed on the side of the filter.

Once you have determined the size of your current air filter, there are various options to buy replacement filters, including:

  • Contact your local Carrier expert (dealer). Click this link to find a local Carrier expert.
  • Purchase 1” air filters directly from Carrier via from our Carrier At Home website
  • Purchase your filter from a local retail store
  • Purchase your filter from various online retailers
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