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Leverage programmable thermostat technology with Smart Recovery and Smart Setback


Back in the day, the thermostat for your home heating and cooling system was a pretty simple device. You could “dial up” one temperature, and your system would turn on or off as needed to maintain that setting. 

Today’s programmable thermostats take temperature control to the next level, allowing you to "program” different temperatures for comfort when you are home, and better energy-savings when you are away or asleep.  

Carrier takes programmable thermostat technology even further with Smart Recovery and Smart Setback.

Smart Recovery 

Smart Recovery slowly increases or decreases the temperature, in partial degree increments, to provide a gentle, efficient transition to a programmed temperature change. It’s more energy-efficient than simply waiting for the scheduled temperature change, which then allows the system to run at full capacity to quickly reach the new setting.

Smart Setback

Smart Setback adapts beyond manual programming for even greater efficiency. It detects outside weather conditions and determines how far to adjust the temperature based on your home’s historic heat loss / heat gain characteristics. As a result, your system works at peak efficiency while you are away and adjusts to ideal comfort levels by the time you return home. 

Carrier offers a number of thermostat and control options, and many include our Smart Recovery and Smart Setback technology. Contact your local Carrier HVAC contractor for availability and pricing of models that are compatible with your system.