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Toshiba Carrier Touch Screen Central Controller


Compatible with Toshiba Carrier VRF systems
Type Carrier Toshiba VRF

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The Touch Screen Central Controller is a line voltage controller mounted on the wall with a touch screen LCD display panel. This controller enables the customer to control and monitor the operation of the VRF System.

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Product Features

  • Grouping based on floor, unit, area, tenant and level
  • Operating Mode, Turning ON/OFF
  • Enable or disable local remote control
  • Master scheduler: weekly, 5 special days, monthly
  • Display alarm + provide history for alarms
  • Web browser monitoring and control (for intranet PC)
  • Up to 2 concurrent users can be connected
  • Additional digital I/O device available
  • Maximum of 512 indoor units per Touch Screen Controller
  • Selectable display language - English/French/Spanish

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