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5 Heat Pump Myths Busted

The heating season is upon us, and for some, it may be time to replace the old heating system. Air-source, ducted heat pump systems have been an efficient and reliable option for year-round comfort for many years. However, there are a number of misperceptions that have followed heat pumps through the years. We are here to bust those myths so you can make an informed decision about your comfort.


Myth #1: Gas furnaces are more comfortable

Myth Busted: While gas furnaces tend to deliver higher temperature air from the heat vents, many newer heat pumps have closed the gap. If you live in a colder environment, electric heat pumps are great in combination with your oil or gas furnace as a Hybrid Heat® solution, which can improve energy efficiency and result in significant savings on your overall heating costs.

Myth #2: Gas furnaces are more efficient

Myth Busted: During milder conditions, a heat pump can be the more efficient option, depending on your local utility costs. That’s why a number of manufacturers like Carrier are promoting Hybrid Heat® systems, which combine an air-source heat pump with a gas furnace and allow the system to choose the more efficient heating source for current conditions.* 

Myth #3: Cold climate, cold home

Myth Busted: Many people believe heat pumps can’t deliver the heat in colder climates. However, newer heat pump technology, like Carrier® Infinity® heat pumps with Greenspeed® intelligence, can provide efficient, reliable heating comfort even when it’s 15° below zero (Fahrenheit). That’s plenty of heating comfort for most parts of the country.

Myth #4: Heat pumps are just for heating

Myth Busted: While the name lends itself to this misperception, heat pumps provide both heating AND cooling. They are heat pumps because the can effectively move heat INTO your home during the heating season, then reverse the process to move heat (and some humidity) OUT of your home during the cooling season.

Myth #5: Heat pumps are noisy

Myth Busted: While it’s true that early heat pump models did tend to be a bit noisy, today’s heat pumps have pretty much solved the problem. A Carrier® 18 SEER, variable-speed heat pump offers sound ratings as low as 55 decibels – which is about the same as a comparably equipped, 19 SEER Carrier® air conditioner.

As you consider your many options, remember that with any new heating and cooling system, professional installation by a qualified HVAC contractor can be the key to achieving the performance, efficiency and comfort you expect.

*Efficiency and energy cost savings vary and depend on gas and electric utility costs, usage, weather, equipment and the temperature setting selected to switch from electric to gas.

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