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Five ways to get a better night’s sleep


If you think getting a good night’s sleep is a luxury, think again. According to the CDC, insufficient sleep has been linked to chronic disease and conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity and depression. It’s a real threat to our nation’s health. 

Don’t let worrying about poor sleeping habits keep you up at night. Follow these five recommendations for getting better ZZZs:

1. Keep it consistent

Sticking to a consistent sleep schedule helps better manage your body’s internal clock. It sets you up to fall asleep more easily at bedtime and to stay asleep. Pick a bedtime and wake-up time that you can adhere to both during the week and on weekends.

2. Relax with a routine

Wind down with a relaxing routine just before bedtime, away from bright lights, the TV and personal electronics. Eliminating excitement, stress or anxiety can help you fall asleep and can help lead to a deep, sound sleep as well.

3. Keep it cool & comfortable

Keeping your bedroom cool and comfortable is conducive to better sleep. If you have a smart thermostat like the Carrier® Infinity® System Control, program the system to automatically adjust the temperature for bedtime comfort. 

4. Clear the clutter

Consider removing electronic devices like TVs, computers, smart phones or tablets from the room altogether. And, make sure the room as completely dark and quiet as possible.

5. Get moving during the day

Whether it’s a vigorous workout or light activity, staying active during the day can help you fall asleep more easily at night at your regular bedtime.

If you are losing sleep over inadequate air conditioning, it might be time to contact your local Carrier HVAC contractor for an assessment of your system and recommendations on how to keep you comfortable at night. But do your local dealer a favor – wait until morning before you call! 

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