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Carrier has selected R-32 refrigerant to replace R-410A refrigerant, in commercial chillers and heat pumps using scroll technology. R-32 was chosen for its lower environmental impact, high energy efficiency, wide availability and ease of use.
R-32 helps protect the environment

  • Much lower GWP keyboard_arrow_right -68%
  • Significant system refrigerant charge reduction in Aquasnap® Chillers keyboard_arrow_right up to 30%
  • Lower GWP and system charge reduction combine to reduce carbon footprint keyboard_arrow_right -77%

Note: GWP according to IPCC AR4 & refrigerant charge reduction calculated in comparison with the previous generation using R-410A

R-32 is energy efficient
  • Up to 10 % more energy efficient compared with R410A
  • Suitable for all climates
  • Aquasnap® R32 chillers exceed Ecodesign 2021 SEER requirements
R-32 is user friendly and safe
  • R-32 is a tried and trusted solution already used in residential air conditioners (millions AC in use.)
  • Easy refrigerant charge complement
  • It is available from all refrigerant distributors