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Find out about Carrier innovative solutions
AquaForce® Vision air-cooled screw chiller: Innovation at work
AquaForce® Vision 30KAV, Carrier’s new range of variable-speed screw chillers, introduces the latest cutting-edge Carrier technologies, including: - the brand new 06Z variable-speed screw compressor - the 6th generation of Flying Bird™ fan with EC motor - the 3rd generation of Novation® micro channel heat exchangers with a unique W coil design built in one single piece.
Carrier Core Innovation
What if you could explore the chiller of the future? A chiller connecting visionary technologies with tomorrow’s cities? A chiller concentrating smart energies to preserve future generations? Look no further, the future is now: it is the AquaForce® Vision air-cooled chiller – A Carrier core innovation.
Carrier is in the city
Carrier France hosted in 2019 a customer event in Paris in the heart of La Défense, one of the largest business districts in Europe. With the theme of "Carrier is in the city," the event paid tribute to Carrier historic presence in the area. Didier Genois, Vice President & General Manager, Carrier HVAC – Europe, shared opening remarks about urbanization and the need to develop smarter cities to support growth, as well as Carrier’s sustainable energy solutions. A display space was dedicated at the event to the 42EP fan coil unit. The low-noise coil unit is extra slim for easier fitting and is compliant with standards for new and refurbished commercial buildings. As the need for sustainable, renewable and eco-friendly development increases, Carrier is committed to providing smart global solutions to optimize new and existing commercial projects for cities of the future.
The art of the invisible
Working hand in hand with The Vatican, international teams from Carrier deployed a series of innovations to ensure the protection and safety of the museums’ artwork, spaces and visitors. In 2014, a state-of-the-art air management solution to preserve the artwork of the Sistine Chapel was unveiled and is nearly invisible to the Chapel’s 20,000 daily visitors.
Designing innovative solutions
In 1902, Dr. Willis H. Carrier designed the world’s first modern air-conditioning system and introduced an invention that would fundamentally change the way we live, work and play. Today, Carrier is committed to making the world a better place to live for the benefit of generations to come by designing innovative solutions, just as our founder once did.
Switzerland district heating project with PUREtec™ refrigerant
In 2015, Carrier set a new milestone with Europe’s first district heating project based on a screw water-to-water pump using HydroFluoroOlefin (HFO). Experts from Carrier, Walter Meier, Energy8, Safe Host and Alpiq InTec explain how the project enables the energy-efficient recovery and reuse of waste heat from a data center to provide heat to a host of buildings, from offices to housing complexes, and hot water to 3,000 residences throughout the district.
Refrigerants strategy for chillers and heat pumps
As a natural leader, Carrier is committed to environmental responsibility and carbon footprint reduction to meet the challenge of regulatory changes, including the European Union’s 2030 objectives.
Carrier – The service partner for your HVAC installations
We constantly innovate to offer you the best solutions for your HVAC plant, from data monitoring & analysis to anticipated service strategy by cutting energy consumption and maintenance costs