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Light commercial

Carrier has developed compact heating, cooling and air treatment solutions to bring comfort and optimal indoor air quality for small surfaces.

Key advantages

Indoor air quality
Carrier solutions can help to ensure and maintain a controlled microclimate, regulating the temperature and humidity levels, as well as ensuring optimal indoor air quality.
Large range of heat pumps
Carrier has introduced dedicated heat pumps designed for heating applications. They deliver superior energy efficiency both during cooling and heating operation whatever the external weather conditions: from -20 to 46°C outdoor air temperature.
Energy savings
With a Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP) up to 4.7, AquaSnap 30AWH is the best value for air conditioning and heating solution in light commercial applications: the Heating Optimized technologies improve significantly the heating capacity at low temperature, while the EnergySoft innovative defrosting technology improve the energy efficiency.
Plug and play compact solutions
With complete factory wiring, easy handling features, factory-installed options and intuitive interface, the AquaSnap 30AWH and 30RQV set up is fast and straightforward. Their compact size allows easy integration for small offices and shops.
Advanced control
The new generation of control, NHC, perfectly meets the thermal needs of commercial buildings while insuring the Energy efficiency optimization. NHC integrates master-slave configuration up to 4 units, with JBUS connection.

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