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Aquasmart™ Evolution system

The Aquasmart™ Evolution system is a complete hydraulic heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) solution.
An Aquasmart™ system offers perfect comfort for building occupants whilst optimizing economical operation for applications up to 2500 m².

It consists of up to 128 terminal fan coil units, served by up to two chillers or heat pumps (Lead-lag), to supply cooling and/or heating to occupied spaces and fresh air handling units. The system manager can fully integrate and control up to eight Carrier fresh air handling units.
carrier-aquasmart-welcome-screen-for-heating-air-conditioning-ventilation     carrier-aquasmart-schedule-screen-for-heating-air-conditioning-ventilation     carrier-aquasmart-units-interface-screen-for-heating-air-conditioning-ventilation
Features & Advantages
  • Maximize energy savings at comfort conditions
  • Building zoning, occupancy, and room temperatures management
  • Terminal fan coil units can be organized in up to 32 zones
  • System components are fitted with communicating controls allowing the System Manager to communicate with and obtain feedback on user needs and operation
  • Touch pilot System Manager :
    • User interface
    • Intuitive colour touch screen
    • Easy system set up to configure the system
    • Management of occupied/unoccupied time schedules and smart start features
    • Compatible with a web browser allowing access from a remote location
  • Aquasmart™ system is easy to select and configure with all units supplied from the factory with pre-installed, pre-configured and pre-tested controls and valves
  • Quick Selection Guide is available to rapidly identify and select the system components
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