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Digital Connectivity and Connected Chillers

Maximize HVAC Uptime and Your Peace of Mind.

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The Latest in Digital Connectivity and Continuous Monitoring for Your Commercial HVAC Equipment

BluEdge®, Carrier's best-in-class service offering includes customizable plans to ensure your equipment's peak performance and longevity. The Carrier BluEdge service plans are backed by the human touch of unmatched expert technicians and the latest industry-leading technology.

And with digital connectivity enabled by Abound HVAC Performance, you'll receive the benefits of continuous digital monitoring, alarm management, and proactive insights to see issues before they arise so you can protect your investment.


Why Take Advantage of Digital Connectivity via Abound HVAC Performance?

Benefit from our next-generation insights to improve your uptime, predict potential failures, and reduce operating costs. 

  • Maximize Uptime: Faster, more accurate diagnosis & repair
  • Maximize Performance and Equipment Life: Proactive and preventative insights
  • Reduce Unplanned Expenses: Right service, right time & better cost avoidance
  • Improve HVAC Equipment Health: Visualization and cutting-edge data and insights
  • Save on Energy Costs: Equipment performance optimization
Key Capabilities to Provide You Peace-of-Mind

With our BluEdge Command Center as your partner and an extension of our local Carrier factory-trained technicians, you'll have access to key capabilities such as:


Critical alarm & alert analysis


The latest technology in continuous monitoring


Secure wireless connectivity to Carrier's cloud-based platform


Consistent data transmission for visualizing Commercial HVAC components & status

And soon, you'll have access to chiller operational reports and predictive maintenance.

Get the Edge

Abound HVAC Performance enables digital connectivity within all of our BluEdge customized service tiers. To take advantage of Carrier’s enhanced digital capabilities, please contact your Carrier Commercial Service representative, fill out our contact form.

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Carrier Digital Solutions & Services

In addition to Abound HVAC Performance, Carrier offers an additional suite of connected solutions to help you optimize and manage your assets, and the health of your facility. Ask your Carrier representative how you can take advantage of other Abound offerings to reach your sustainability and ESG goals.

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Abound is a cloud-based digital platform and suite of connected solutions that uses advanced technologies to aggregate, analyze and visualize data to enable real-time, intelligent, outcome-based results. Abound allows building owners and managers to make decisions for their buildings to be more efficient, comfortable, healthy and sustainable.

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BluEdge is a tiered service platform that delivers unmatched expertise, service and greater peace of mind throughout the lifecycle of your HVAC equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Abound HVAC Performance is a solution that is available within the three tiers of the BluEdge service platform (Core, Enhance, Elite). It provides digital solutions that empower your team to Visualize, Advise, and Optimize the lifecycle and outcomes of your HVAC system via comprehensive dashboards, and better advice on how to manage your HVAC equipment and system optimizations to achieve key outcomes like uptime and comfort.

Abound HVAC Performance can improve productivity with real-time machine health notifications and analytics for connected HVAC assets providing data-on-demand on mobile & web. Depending on the tier Abound HVAC Performance can offer a 24/7 Command Center, easy to view Customer Portal, digital dashboard with real-time data and more advanced analytics.

Abound HVAC Performance is a solution that complements service/maintenance agreements, and is available within the three tiers of the BluEdge service platform (Core, Enhance, Elite). The offerings vary depending on which overall BluEdge tier your team has a service agreement with. Abound HVAC Performance can be added to a BluEdge service agreement or purchased as a standalone offering.

Absolutely. Additionally, while our Abound HVAC Performance tiers can be added to any tier of service agreements, regardless of level.

There is a wide range of chillers, heatpupms, dry coolers, rooftops , AHU and CCU compatible with Abound HVAC Performance.
Please contact your Carrier Commercial service representative to confirm if your equipment is eligible.