Container Refrigeration Authorized Service Provider Network

With ongoing efforts to excel in container service and aftermarket parts support, Carrier Transicold is pleased to announce changes to our Authorized Service Provider (ASP) network structure for Global Container Refrigeration.

The new 4-Tier ASP network structure is designed to improve the cost of ownership for our customers by service partners that are highly trained in the maintenance and repair of Carrier container refrigeration units.


Premium Service Centers

  • obtain CareMAX program recognition (committed to maintaining the highest levels of refrigerant quality); or
  • provide warranty service exclusively for Carrier Transicold branded refrigeration equipment;
  • reflect the highest commitment to Carrier Transicold service and employee excellence;
  • demonstrate the highest level of technical proficiency;
  • maintain highest level of container aftermarket parts inventory;
  • offer 24/7 mobile service.

Advanced Service Centers

  • reflect a very high commitment to Carrier Transicold service and employee excellence;
  • demonstrate a very high level of technical proficiency and refrigerant management;
  • maintain very high level of container aftermarket parts inventory;
  • offer 24/7 mobile service.

Service Center

  • reflect a high commitment to Carrier Transicold service and employee excellence;
  • demonstrate a high level of technical proficiency and refrigerant management;
  • maintain high level of container aftermarket parts inventory;
  • may offer 24/7 mobile service.

Repair Center

  • reflect a commitment to Carrier Transicold service and employee excellence
  • demonstrate required level of technical proficiency and refrigerant management;
  • maintain required level of container aftermarket parts inventory
  • may offer 24/7 mobile service.

Today, Carrier’s comprehensive sales and service network includes over 400 container refrigeration service and repair centers worldwide in all major and developing ports. Discover Carrier-authorized locations on the Service Center Locator.

CareMAX™ Program - Carrier Refrigerant Management Excellence


To help raise the standard of service and quality in refrigerant-handling operations for the container shipping industry, Carrier Transicold has launched the CareMAX™ (Carrier Refrigerant Management Excellence) Program, a comprehensive refrigerant management recognition program for its authorized service centers.

CareMAX establishes industry-leading protocols to help Carrier Transicold’s more than 400 container service centers better manage refrigerants and refrigerant supplies. By using Carrier-authorized service centers, especially those recognized by the CareMAX program, equipment owners and operators can be confident their assets will be serviced by experts committed to maintaining the highest levels of refrigerant quality.

CareMAX protocols cover all post-production stages of refrigerant handling, from procurement and testing, to storage and decanting, including maintenance of refrigerant-handling tools and how to train service technicians who handle refrigerants.

Participating service centers will need to successfully pass an audit conducted by Carrier Transicold’s global service organization before the service center will be authorized to use and display the CareMAX logo.

For more information or to apply for CareMAX recognition, please contact your Carrier Transicold service engineer.



Nobody Cares for Your Equipment Like Carrier Does

SeaCare™ Global Container Solutions gives you a better way to manage your operations, while reducing the overall costs and administrative burden related to long-term equipment care. SeaCare Solutions provide an exceptionally flexible response to the needs of shipping and leasing companies. Customers may select whichever combination of programs best suit their needs. Even specific programs offer a degree of customization.

SeaCare Solutions is a package of support programs for both owned and leased equipment. Key components are: Warranty Renewal and Service Contract programs for PrimeLINE®, EliteLINE® and ThinLINE® refrigeration units, Preventive Maintenance for PowerLINE® Generator Sets and Ship Kit Management.   Other programs are under development for additional services.

Key Components of SeaCare Solutions 

Carrier has introduced four programs under the SeaCare umbrella:


Warranty Renewal – The industry’s first extended warranty program for container refrigeration units, this program offers flexible terms ranging from full unit coverage to coverage of individual major components, such as the compressor, controller and fan motors. Customers can tailor their selections based on specific needs or budget.

Click here for more information on Warranty Renewal


Service Contract – SeaCare Solutions Service Contracts provide full service coverage to refrigeration units by adding pre-trip inspections and consumables to a full unit warranty package. Better still, Carrier organizes and manages maintenance and repairs through the service center network, saving customers the task of doing so.

Click here for more information on Service Contracts


Preventive Maintenance – Designed specifically for Carrier generator sets, the SeaCare Preventive Maintenance program provides factory-authorized service to keep generators performing at optimal levels. Through the program, Carrier organizes and manages scheduled service at 2,000- and 4,000-hour intervals, and provides recordkeeping and reporting services through Carrier’s central database.

Click here for more information on Preventive Maintenance


Ship Kit Management – Every container vessel needs an inventory of ship kits, housing repair components in the event maintenance is required at sea. Management of ship kits – making sure they are fully stocked and stowed – can be an administrative hassle for shipping lines and leasing companies. The SeaCare Solutions Ship Kit Management program not only takes on these duties, but also manages ship kit parts inventory for competitive equipment and provides global management of the entire ship kit supply chain. With guaranteed pricing for parts and service, this program even handles delivery of spare parts, including refrigerant, to replenish supplies and removal of consumed or faulty parts.

Click here for more information on Ship Kit Management


QUEST – Developed and tested by Carrier and the Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research (WUR) in the Netherlands, the QUEST (Quality and Energy Efficiency in Storage and Transport) power-saving mode helps shipping lines lower their operating costs by decreasing the system’s run time, energy usage and emissions, and results in a smaller carbon footprint for shipped commodities.

Click here for more information on QUEST 

Benefits of SeaCare Solutions

  • Better asset utilization
  • Global consistency in service and maintenance
  • Reduced service administration
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Management of equipment lifecycle costs
  • Improved equipment reliability
  • Extended equipment life
  • Reduction in emergency repairs

TechLINE newsletter features technical information and tips on the Operation, Maintenance and Repair of Carrier's Container and Power Generation equipment.

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