Data Tools

Carrier Transicold provides multiple software solutions to meet your needs for programming, monitoring, and reporting environmental conditions.

Fleet-wide actionable intelligence

  • Lynx Fleet Vessel Solution allows integration with vessel-based wireless networks for improved shipboard cargo visibility and operations efficiency
  • Carrier-exclusive Reefer Health Analytics allows for added visibility on the status of individual containers
  • Carrier-exclusive TripWise™ expiration prediction helps prioritize asset utilization based on time remaining before TripWise expiration, thereby minimizing time and expense related to conducting a new off-line pre-trip inspection (PTI)
  • Simultaneously send identical refrigeration unit commands, to multiple containers rather than one at a time
  • Remotely monitor health of both container and cargo 24/7 availability and security
  • New “bread-crumb trail” now illustrates the route of a container unit’s voyage based on GPS and time data

Designed with customers in mind

The Lynx™ Fleet telematics solution will intelligently monitor connected refrigeration systems from anywhere in the world, providing vital information through a centralized data stream and improved visibility for shipping lines, fleet owners, service technicians and ship crew on the cargo being transported.

The Lynx digital platform, applies advanced internet of things (IoT) analytics, machine learning and various big data technologies to connect the cold chain in the cloud, automate key processes, and deliver real-time visibility and insights throughout the cargo’s journey.

Key features include:

  • Lynx Fleet Vessel Solution allows integration with vessel-based wireless networks for improved shipboard cargo visibility and operations efficiency
  • Lynx Fleet live analytics, currently a beta feature, provides refrigeration unit health assessments near real time, allowing fleet managers to identify potential service needs in advance so they can be addressed at the fleet’s convenience
  • Lynx Fleet is able to simultaneously send identical refrigeration unit commands, to multiple containers rather than one at a time. This not only minimizes operational expenses but improves the overall efficiency for fleet managers
  • Carrier-exclusive Reefer Health Analytics allows fleet managers to download diagnostic information about their equipment, giving them added insights into the health of their reefer by reporting anomalies along with possible causes and potential measures to resolve, if needed, in the future
  • Carrier-exclusive TripWise™ expiration prediction can now predict the expected expiration date of TripWise status on reefers, helping fleet managers prioritize asset utilization, thus minimizing time and expense related to conducting a new off-line pre-trip inspection (PTI)
  • New over-the-air commands allows users to set oxygen and carbon dioxide levels for their EverFRESH® and XtendFRESH™ controlled atmosphere systems, as well as enable QUEST and economy power-saving modes
  • Cumulative unit run-hours helps fleet managers to optimize utilization and service cycles of their Carrier Transicold-refrigerated containers to better control maintenance and repair costs
  • New “bread-crumb trail” now illustrates the route of a refrigeration unit’s voyage based on GPS and time data uploaded when the Lynx Fleet-equipped refrigeration unit is within range of cell service
  • Choose from a wide array of built-in widgets that provide intuitive displays of key parameters transmitted from the telematics hardware for a customized data platform
  • The map view brings in the spatial element for locating reefer containers, both globally and locally
  • Critical alarm status is displayed prominently on the landing page, making it easy to get more information and stay informed on reefer health
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Our convenient service app just got smarter

The ContainerLINK™ app has been integrated with DataLINE™ Connect, providing technicians with a suite of tools that is housed in a single app, ultimately reducing the hassle to toggle between two different platforms.
  • System Status which displays the status of connected refrigerated containers, like operating mode, temperatures and alarms 
  • System Values provides the user with an interface to monitor the status of the refrigeration unit’s analog inputs/outputs for diagnostic purposes
  • System Configuration software provides the user with the capability to view/modify the DataCorder and controller information, modify controller parameters and update the DataCorder clock and start a new trip
  • Probe Calibration provides the user with the capability to calibrate USDA and cargo probes on the DataCorder of the refrigeration unit

Smarter tools for faster service

The ContainerLINK™ app for smartphones, tablets and desktop applications has revolutionized the way you service reefer containers by providing easy digital access to everyday resources. Now, we’re putting even more functionality into your hands by combining the convenience of ContainerLINK with the wireless monitoring capabilities of our DataLINE™ Connect app.

If you already have the ContainerLINK app on your device, all you have to do is update to the latest version to take advantage of the new features. If you use the DataLINE Connect app, you can now install the ContainerLINK app and begin using that instead of DataLINE Connect to access the wireless connectivity features you have been using all along.

Key features include:    

With added functionality from our DataLINE™ Connect app, ContainerLINK now lets you wirelessly interact with refrigerated containers equipped with the Carrier Transicold Micro-Link® 5 controller for better insight into equipment operation.
  • Access operating settings, system status and sensor readings from anywhere
  • Download unit data wirelessly for report generation and to easily respond to alerts


The DataLINE™ Connect app has been integrated to the ContainerLINK™ app as of June 24, hence please install the ContainerLINK app and begin using that instead of DataLINE as all residing information will be consolidated onto the ContainerLINK app.

DataLINE™ – A simple way to extract critical trip information and generate meaningful reports.

Diagnostic software lets you interrogate, configure and monitor the refrigeration controller and DataCorder™ trip data recorder with unmatched precision. It offers many advanced features and supports multiple controller platforms including: Micro-Link® 5, Micro-Link® 3, Micro-Link 2i, Micro-Link2 and Micro-Link 1 controllers (using DataReader™).

DataLINE diagnostic software provides solutions for service technicians, shippers and marketing personnel.

  • User can extract information from the DataCorder trip date recorder in four ways:
    • By Date
    • By Trip
    • Last 30 Days
    • All Data
  • Text reports can be saved to standard ASCII formatted file. Eight types of reports can be generated from interrogated data:

    • Sensor
    • Sensor/Event Flags
    • Graphical
    • Event
    • Pre-trip Summary
    • Alarm Summary
    • Cold Treatment Summary
    • Raw
    • Custom-sensor, graphical alarm, event


PC card technology allows you to download most DataCorder™ trip data recorder information in less than 30 seconds.

Allows for quick trip data analysis and diagnostics. 

DataBank™ PC card technology is operationally cost-effective.

  • Downloads 30 day, 60 day, 90 day, Trip or All data in 30 seconds or less.
  • Frees up valuable time and allows for quick diagnostics analysis.
  • Compact design (fits into a pocket) provides simple and affordable tool to download trip data.
  • No special cables or connectors required.

Delivers the Micro-Link® 3 programming ease to units equipped with Micro-Link 2 and Micro-Link 2i controllers.

Instead of fading into obsolescence, older controllers can now benefit from the convenience of today’s MicroLink 3.  The PC Card Adapter will allow use of ML2 type SRAM cards in loading software and configuration files to the ML2 and ML2i controllers, replacing the older ML2 and ML2i flash memory cards. It can also be used to extract data from units with ML2i controllers using Databank software.

PC Card Adapter has unique features

  • One single SRAM card can hold multiple operation and configuration software sets, reducing the number of cards technicians need to carry.
  • When used with the ML2i, DataCorder data can be downloaded directly to a Databank card
  • Highly visible orange cover makes it easy to spot
  • Integral cover protects the external circuit board from damage.
  • Highly durable and includes PC Adapter, case and instructions


Explore two powerful ways to enhance your fleet

Take the benefits of your fleet’s Micro-Link® 3 (ML3) controllers even further with two powerful add-ons designed to help you save time and reduce costs. The Micro-Link 3 Service Tool (MST) and the Micro-Link 3 USB Adapter (MUA) from Carrier Transicold are easy-to-use products designed to improve the way operators interact with their controllers.

  • The MUA is designed to function as a pass-through USB device and will stay in the controller after installation. The device will be married to the controller.
  • The MST is designed as a USB service tool to maintain and service Carrier units fitted with an ML3 controller. The device is intended to be temporarily inserted into the controller.

Your link to greater functionality

Whether you’re using the MUA or the MST to stay in control of your units, you can be confident in the quality engineering and reliable support of Carrier Transicold. Both products are designed to improve functionality and make your controllers easier to work with and service.


Part Numbers

  • MUA part number: 07-00571-00PK5
  • MST part number: 07-00572-00
  • USB-A* part number: 12-50172-00







PrimeLINE ML5 Controller software (ML5 PrimeLINE unit model 69NT40-571)

The controller software is a custom designed program that is subdivided into configuration software and operational software. The controller software performs the following functions:

  • Control supply or return air temperature to required limits, provide modulated refrigeration operation, economized operation, unloaded operation, electric heat control, and defrost. Defrost is performed to clear buildup of frost and ice to ensure proper air flow across the evaporator coil.
  • Provide default independent readouts of setpoint and supply or return air temperatures.
  • Provide ability to read and (if applicable) modify the configuration software variables, operating software function codes and alarm code indications.
  • Provide a pre-trip step-by-step checkout of refrigeration unit performance including: proper component operation, electronic and refrigeration control operation, heater operation, probe calibration, pressure limiting and current limiting settings.
  • Provide battery-powered ability to access or change selected codes and setpoint without AC power connected. This is only if the carrier-provided rechargeable battery option is installed.

ML5 Software Loading Procedure

1. Place the Start-Stop switch (ST) to “I” to turn the unit On. Wait for controller information to be displayed.

2. Insert the USB flash drive, containing controller software, into the controller micro USB port.

3. Press the ALT. MODE key on the keypad.

4. Use the Arrow keys until “USb” is displayed, then press the ENTER key.

NOTE: If “no USb” is displayed, wait up to 15 seconds for this message to be replaced with a different message. If “no USb” continues to be displayed, remove and insert the USB flash drive and repeat steps 3 and 4.

5. Use the Arrow keys until “UP LoAd” is displayed, then press the ENTER key.

6. “LOAd XXXX” is now on the display. If more than one ML5 software revision file is on the USB flash drive at the root level, press the Arrow keys until the desired revision is displayed.

7. Press the ENTER key to load the software to the controller.

8. When “PULL USB NOW” is displayed, remove the USB drive from the port.

9. The following messages will appear to confirm successful programming: “LoAd SoFt” and “Pro SoFt” will each appear for several seconds and then “Restart” appears briefly. Then, the controller restarts.

10. As the controller starts up, the message “Cd 18” displays the new software loaded and then “Pro donE” appears.

Refer to the PrimeLINE unit OPERATION AND SERVICE manual for loading the software to the unit.

Manual: T-372 PrimeLINE models 69NT40-571-001 to 199. Refer to Section 7.27 for procedure.

Software download

Before downloading the ML-5 Software, you agree that you have read and will be bound to the terms and conditions of the End User License Agreement.