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Container Refrigeration Units

A full range of innovative container refrigeration solutions, designed to meet a world of needs.

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OptimaLINE™ Container Refrigeration Unit

OptimaLINE is our latest and most innovative container refrigeration system that delivers step-change in efficiency and performance.

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NaturaLINE® Container Refrigeration Unit

The first and only technology of its kind, the NaturaLINE reefer unit incorporates CO2 in place of conventional synthetic refrigerants to deliver sustainability and efficiency equal to our best-in-class performer.

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PrimeLINE® Container Refrigeration Unit

The PrimeLINE container refrigeration unit is designed for world-class performance when it comes to energy efficiency, capacity, lifecycle cost and the environment.

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ThinLINE® Container Refrigeration Unit

Now celebrating 30 years of service to the industry, the ThinLINE model uses Carrier’s reciprocating compressor technology and remains the preferred choice of many fleets.

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EliteLINE® Container Refrigeration Unit

Using patented Carrier scroll compressor design, the EliteLINE is specially built to meet the extreme performance demands of oceanic container refrigeration.

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