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Carrier Introduces AquaForce® 30XB Chiller

MONTLUEL, France -

Fixed-speed screw air-cooled chiller delivers cooling capacity from 250-1700 kW

Carrier announces the launch of its new AquaForce® 30XB and 30XBP chillers the next evolution of the proven 30XA range that counts thousands of installations worldwide. The new range of fixed-speed screw air-cooled chillers, covering cooling capacities from 250 kW up to 1700 kW, is available in three levels of efficiency to perfectly match each customer application and meet the new European Ecodesign regulation requirements. Carrier, a world leader in high-technology heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions, is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a division of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX).

The new AquaForce® 30XB range combines field experience from the AquaForce® system and Carrier’s industry leading technologies:

  • Carrier 06T twin screw compressor, well-known for its robustness (99.7% of units without a compressor failure).
  • The fully aluminium Novation® microchannel heat exchangers with Super Enviro-shieldTM coatings for long-term optimised performance.
  • The sixth generation of Carrier Flying Bird fans, with new fan blade inspired by nature, which is the result of advanced research in our laboratory.
  • Carrier flooded shell-and-tube evaporator with new copper tube design for low pressure drops.
  • Touch Pilot® control with color touch screen user interface that includes 10 languages.

For highly demanding buildings, the new AquaForce® 30XBP premium version includes:

  • Greenspeed™ EC fans and additional heat exchange surface in order to deliver significant performance improvements at both full load and part load (SEER12/7 up to 4.5 and an SEPR12/7 up to 6.3).

“Beyond the 30XA legacy range with proven performance, the 30XB features leading technologies to anticipate tomorrow’s challenges and provide high seasonal efficiency,” said William Doll, screw chiller product manager, Carrier. “The 30XB and 30XBP chillers are the best economical solution for commercial and industrial applications where high reliability and very economical operation in all climate conditions are key customer requirements.”

Available in three levels of performance, the 30XB is able to perfectly match the needs of either application:

  • With a Seasonal Energy Performance Ratio (SEPR12/7) up to 5.5 and an EER up to 3.3, the 30XB standard version is the best economical solution for high temperature process applications or in high ambient climates where high performances at full load are expected.
  • Equipped with Greenspeed™ variable-speed fans with AC motor, the 30XB unit delivers an enhanced Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER12/7) up to 4.4 for the benefit of comfort cooling applications.

With four acoustic comfort levels, the AquaForce® 30XB is able to meet the most demanding technical requirements in noise-sensitive environments as well.

Operating at external temperatures ranging from -20°C to 55°C, AquaForce® 30XB is the perfect solution for a wide range of applications, from high-end office buildings and hotels to healthcare facilities, data centers and industrial projects.

The AquaForce® 30XB with PUREtec™, designed exclusively for HFO R1234ze, will be available later in 2018.