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120 years. Still changing the world

In 1902, our founder, Willis Carrier, invented modern air conditioning. Originally developed to solve humidity problems plaguing a printing press in Brooklyn, New York, Carrier's innovation has gone on to enable entire industries, power new possibilities and impact lives in all corners of the world.

Over the past 120 years, modern air conditioning - and the company born out of it - has fundamentally changed the ways people live, work, learn and play. We helped give rise to the summer blockbuster. We kept travelers cool and comfortable on trains and ships. We fueled the growth of the American suburbs and the skyward expansion of cities around the world. We helped preserve history and enable the digital age. Now, as we recognize modern air conditioning's 120th anniversary, we're excited about the possibilities ahead.

Today's world demands indoor environments that are optimized to benefit the people inside. Environments that inspire confidence in health and safety, enhance wellness and promote productivity - all while reducing emissions and preserving our planet.

Air conditioning has the power to make it all possible.

So let's celebrate the past and look forward to the future. Because after 120 years, the invention that changed everything is still changing the world.